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General Mare Questions - Volume 2 Bulletin Board » General Mare Questions - Volume 2  

Welcome to General Mare Questions, the place to discuss mare questions that are not covered by another category.

This heading contains the older threads for this topic, and has now been closed for posting and is available for viewing only. Please post all new discussion on this topic on the new forum.

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nonenonenonenoneCan the foals heart be heard.Bonny07-23-08  06:01 pm
nonenonenoneTo those who have used WEE FOAL!Jean-Mari05-09-11  02:19 am
nonenonenoneKate~ whats going on?hidden lake stable38 05-07-11  02:57 pm
nonenonenoneWee-Foal Urine Test and Palpation for 2 yr old mareJean-Mari11 05-07-11  10:09 am
nonenonenoneGYPSY MINI ANY GUESSES WHEN SHE MIGHT FOAL?Carol02-14-11  07:41 pm
nonenonenoneJoint supplements safe???Paige D18 01-07-11  12:27 pm
nonenonenonenoneDo you think my mare is pregnant?Jos19 11-07-10  11:19 am
nonenonenoneParanoid? or is she pregnant...Holly10 11-06-10  12:18 am
nonenonenoneSo frustrated Dorthy Brown16 10-22-10  09:39 am
nonenonenonenoneYoung mare hasn't started cycling yet???...Rissa10-21-10  07:59 pm
nonenonenoneIs it Truth or myth?Jos09-30-10  04:20 pm
nonenonenoneMaiden MareAudrey Crosby McLell09-30-10  03:04 pm
nonenonenoneGetting her into shape...Holly43 09-29-10  08:29 pm
nonenonenoneRelaxed vulva?Brittany Hindes09-25-10  03:25 am
nonenonenoneINPUT! In foal or just pasture belly?????Pam Romjue13 09-24-10  01:35 pm
nonenonenoneMoldBrittany Hindes09-22-10  11:24 pm
nonenonenoneMare a sweetheart in heat, monster when not? Why???Audrey Crosby McLell09-22-10  01:40 pm
nonenonenoneColic Or AbortingJoyce Ensley09-22-10  11:42 am
nonenonenonenone5,7,9 month shotsAudrey Crosby McLell09-19-10  12:15 am
nonenonenoneMaiden miniature pregnant by donkeyCarol J Slevin09-16-10  10:31 pm
nonenonenoneWhere do they show first?Kate Goshorn19 09-12-10  01:38 am
nonenonenoneSexing a fetusCynthia Adams09-04-10  11:45 pm
nonenonenonenoneHope I'm not Jinxing MyselfKim Peavy08-23-10  03:05 pm
nonenonenoneAge to start breeding a mareSheri P08-18-10  11:29 am
nonenonenoneMare in estrus--sweating?Liz08-16-10  09:01 am
nonenonenonenonePregnant with twins?Jos08-15-10  05:57 pm
nonenonenoneBad Hooves during pregancyJoyce Ensley08-14-10  10:38 am
nonenonenonenoneMare wont quit itchingKay B. Jones,Nova bo08-13-10  09:39 pm
nonenonenonePregnant? HELP!Holly08-13-10  06:00 pm
nonenonenoneMare swelling in back legsKim Peavy08-11-10  07:24 am
nonenonenoneMilk test stripsShari Chubaty22 08-10-10  02:46 am
nonenonenoneWas blood test wrong? Arab mare, pregnant or not?Kristen B.08-04-10  11:37 pm
nonenonenoneVulva oddnessShari Chubaty07-31-10  01:37 am
nonenonenone3 year old mare pregnant?Aeysha07-29-10  03:29 pm
nonenonenoneEVA vaccination questionVeronique Dumas07-22-10  02:00 pm
nonenonenoneUltrasound mistake? Jos07-21-10  09:08 pm
nonenonenoneMare dripping milk....Cindy07-21-10  04:43 pm
nonenonenoneHow long to tease after cover?Jos07-19-10  11:18 pm
nonenonenoneInduction of Lactation in the Non-Pregnant Mare Jos07-18-10  07:50 pm
nonenonenoneStud Behavior In Pregnant MareBrittany Hindes07-16-10  02:15 pm
nonenonenoneMare pregnant or? milk?Shari Chubaty07-16-10  02:26 am
nonenonenoneWorming Mare with 3 week old coltPam Romjue07-15-10  05:06 pm
nonenonenonePregnant mare No udderAmanda Bethune07-13-10  12:50 am
nonenonenonenoneHELP!!! Pregnant mare behaving like a studAshley Lilley07-11-10  12:26 pm
nonenonenoneMare possibly pregnant - just weaned from yearling foalJen12 07-11-10  11:51 am
nonenonenonePlacental cell size?Jos07-06-10  11:51 pm
nonenonenoneOdd colored discharge on vulva of pregnant mare?Audrey Crosby McLell07-06-10  06:52 pm
nonenonenoneLarge follicle but closed cervix?Audrey Crosby McLell25 07-06-10  06:49 pm
nonenonenonenoneNeed ideas on mare/weanlingDiana Gilger07-02-10  12:12 am
nonenonenoneHow much exerciseBrittany Hindes07-01-10  02:51 pm
nonenonenoneWhat can cause...Phoenix Ranch06-29-10  11:39 pm
nonenonenoneSafe fly control supplement for pregnant mare?Diana Gilger06-24-10  06:22 pm
nonenonenoneFrozen semen with young maiden mares?Allison06-20-10  08:52 pm
nonenonenoneMaiden mareAmber Ackerman13 06-15-10  11:15 pm
nonenonenoneBagging up questionPam Romjue12 05-25-10  05:06 pm
nonenonenoneCan a CL be present when there are large follicles??Jos05-24-10  10:54 am
nonenonenoneUGH the breeder is stupid!!`Dorthy Brown12 05-24-10  09:05 am
nonenonenoneCOULD THIS FILLY BE IN FOAL?Audrey Crosby McLell05-22-10  03:40 pm
nonenonenoneIs it milk?Audrey Crosby McLell05-22-10  03:38 pm
nonenonenoneInjectable RegumateAllison12 05-22-10  12:32 pm
nonenonenoneBehavior Changes in MareDiana Gilger10 05-18-10  01:50 pm
nonenonenoneUltrasound QuestionsPam Romjue05-17-10  03:19 pm
nonenonenoneImplantationJos05-16-10  09:46 am
nonenonenoneLeased mares now in MichiganMarilyn Lemke23 05-13-10  11:28 am
nonenonenoneWill she hang on that long or am I wasting everyone's time??Allison05-05-10  11:15 am
nonenonenoneTime to rebreed, but need reassuranceLiz10 05-02-10  01:24 pm
nonenonenoneInverted nipplesLinda05-01-10  03:04 am
nonenonenoneMaiden mare hasn't started cycling yet - should I worry?Anne Tursky04-28-10  02:57 pm
nonenonenoneMare just confirmed in foal, but...Mary Ayala04-27-10  04:49 pm
nonenonenoneEnlarged OvaryAmber Ackerman04-22-10  09:46 pm
nonenonenoneEffects of ventral edema on milk productionPaige D04-19-10  10:59 am
nonenonenoneI'm beginning to worry about Uh-O...Marilyn Lemke17 04-16-10  06:58 am
nonenonenoneMare Vet Checkedhedgerow farm04-15-10  09:19 pm
nonenonenoneMaiden mares who don't look pregnantMarilyn Lemke04-15-10  07:43 am
nonenonenoneOlder Mare Accidentally BredBrandy Glenn04-05-10  02:29 pm
nonenonenoneMare w/discharge at ~75 days in foal...?Jos12 03-27-10  10:33 am
nonenonenoneUnwanted InseminationTina10 03-26-10  07:53 am
nonenonenonenoneDeworming late stage mareMichelle Z03-21-10  07:45 am
nonenonenoneMare scanned in foal, now in season?Marilyn Lemke03-15-10  04:33 pm
nonenonenoneWhen will her next cycle be?Jos02-22-10  05:04 pm
nonenonenoneWhen do mares start to make an udder?Lucy02-14-10  05:59 am
nonenonenonenoneMight have another foal on the way...Jan Owen51 02-10-10  12:30 pm
nonenonenonenoneFilly bagged u?Tina02-02-10  07:39 am
nonenonenonenoneHow can a vet miss a 11 month fetus by palpitation???Holly12 01-26-10  09:48 pm
nonenonenoneVet missed 5 month fetus?Lucy01-26-10  02:53 pm
nonenonenonePregnant? Kim12 01-22-10  10:17 pm
nonenonenonenonePregnant mare ! need advice please?Diana Gilger01-22-10  01:18 pm
nonenonenoneShould I have any hope...?Ann01-21-10  12:09 pm
nonenonenoneANIMARK PREGSCAN/PREGTESTDiana Gilger01-19-10  05:06 pm
nonenonenoneURGENT: maiden mare bleeding from uterusJos01-18-10  03:39 pm
nonenonenonenoneYearling question?Vanessa Pierce01-16-10  10:31 pm
nonenonenoneBreeding for 2010 Foals-Part IIDorthy Brown289 01-15-10  01:47 pm
nonenonenoneBreeding Clydesdale Mares - Any usual issues?Gypsy Cob01-06-10  12:18 am
nonenonenoneWhat to feed a pregnant mareHolly15 01-05-10  12:54 pm
nonenonenoneSquat/Pee/Wink.......will it ever stop????Vickey Marie01-05-10  11:58 am
nonenonenoneSterilizing Mares?Jos01-05-10  05:02 am
nonenonenoneVitamin A deficiency in horses, esp. pregnant maresMichelle Z01-01-10  04:55 pm
nonenonenoneSex of fetus?Terry Waechter P.R.E12-29-09  01:53 am
nonenonenonePigeon Fever OutbreakSamantha12-28-09  02:16 pm
nonenonenoneCould it be?Holly12-14-09  09:30 pm
nonenonenoneSick marePaige Dorsey12-14-09  03:46 pm
nonenonenone,,Blnking?'' urine Consistency/Color?Jos12-14-09  06:05 am
nonenonenoneMolly Mule QuestionsHolly13 12-04-09  02:16 pm
nonenonenoneTrue or false, maiden mares.....Terry Waechter P.R.E12-04-09  07:15 am
nonenonenonePregnant mare questionssally12-02-09  04:59 pm
nonenonenoneTime of foalingDiana Gilger11 11-09-09  09:25 am
nonenonenoneColostrum / milk questionMichele11-07-09  08:33 am
nonenonenonenoneMy mare is breathing heavy.Brittany Hindes11-01-09  08:15 pm
nonenonenoneWeaning QuestionVanessa Pierce11 10-29-09  08:29 am
nonenonenoneTravelling mares after AI?Jos10-27-09  07:02 am
nonenonenonenoneYoung filly got bred before i bought herBrittany Porter10-20-09  02:16 pm
nonenonenoneVirus in pregnant mareMichele10-01-09  08:10 am
nonenonenonenoneMare with OCDCarol11 09-30-09  08:03 pm
nonenonenoneNail on a string thingMarilyn Lemke34 09-30-09  09:25 am
nonenonenoneEasy Keeper to Not So Easy KeeperMarilyn Lemke09-24-09  09:32 am
nonenonenonePost breeding infection?Holly26 09-17-09  09:41 am
nonenonenonenoneTo Geld Or Not To Geld. That is the questionDiana Gilger15 09-09-09  11:34 pm
nonenonenoneUdder questionEmily S09-08-09  02:04 pm
nonenonenoneDoes My Mare Need Salt?Linda Bauer --09-08-09  10:59 am
nonenonenoneEuropa has undergone another colic surgeryMarilyn Lemke13 09-02-09  09:41 am
nonenonenonenoneInsurance for maresJos08-30-09  05:43 pm
nonenonenonePregnant mare with apparent aggressive melanomaAllyson N.08-29-09  01:55 pm
nonenonenoneQuestions about safety of riding and AdequanHeidi Caldwell08-26-09  09:33 pm
nonenonenoneBreeding for sexCarol08-24-09  12:52 pm
nonenonenoneIs it possible?jamie neel11 08-20-09  04:39 pm
nonenonenonenonePregnant Mare Bleeding From TeatsDiana Gilger12 08-20-09  12:24 pm
nonenonenoneBreeding a rising 3 yr old?...Samantha08-18-09  07:18 pm
nonenonenonePossible EPM mare ok to breed?Diana Gilger18 08-10-09  02:47 pm
nonenonenonenoneStud-ish Behavior in a MareCarol31 08-10-09  12:29 pm
nonenonenonenoneNon-Pregnant Mare Has Enlarged Udder and Swollen Teat(s)Carol08-10-09  12:06 pm
nonenonenonenoneNewest rescue filly- What do you think??Diana Gilger15 07-30-09  07:25 pm
nonenonenonenoneAdvice for an owner of a new mareSara Bing07-29-09  03:38 pm
nonenonenonenoneI have no idea if my horse is prego or notSara Bing11 07-29-09  12:24 pm
nonenonenoneIs my filly pregnant?Sara Bing13 07-28-09  09:47 am
nonenonenoneEffect of ambient temperature on mares settling?Jos07-27-09  09:10 pm
nonenonenoneDoes She Look...Jan Owen07-21-09  01:53 pm
nonenonenoneHemotoma from possible kickKay B. Jones,Nova bo07-18-09  01:01 pm
nonenonenoneVery strange questionHolly07-12-09  12:26 pm
nonenonenoneNew face at WATCHMANKathee McGuire07-10-09  10:49 am
nonenonenoneMare has VERY sore feet!!!!Rusti07-09-09  03:02 pm
nonenonenoneSkin disorder??? help anyone!Lisa McDonald16 07-05-09  12:11 pm
nonenonenoneBreeding for 2010 foalsHeidi Caldwell310 07-04-09  05:15 pm
nonenonenoneBred one day apart, but on rectal exam one is farther along than th...Cjskip06-24-09  11:21 pm
nonenonenoneMare losing weightKathee McGuire13 06-24-09  04:14 pm
nonenonenoneQuestion about ultrasounds early in pregnancyCjskip06-24-09  03:40 pm
nonenonenoneLooking to find an arabian stallion match for new mareDakarai Arabians06-24-09  03:36 pm
nonenonenoneUrine change smell?Maree Ingemi06-24-09  10:09 am
nonenonenoneMare STILL not in standing heat?Phoenix Ranch06-17-09  08:01 pm
nonenonenoneTo breed or not? ET or Natural?Rusti06-10-09  06:40 pm
nonenonenoneCould nipples hang this early?Dorthy Brown06-09-09  01:26 pm
nonenonenoneWhat would you do???Cathy06-06-09  12:59 am
nonenonenoneAnyone any experience of this??Cathy06-06-09  12:56 am
nonenonenoneTeat question - first time pregnancyMichele06-05-09  07:24 am
nonenonenoneWhen can feel the foal?Stephanie06-03-09  04:42 pm
nonenonenoneExtreme hormone behaviorHeather06-02-09  02:41 pm
nonenonenoneFalse preg question-ANY HELP PLEASE!Heather05-31-09  07:31 pm
nonenonenoneBlood TestJos11 05-27-09  11:50 pm
nonenonenoneResult for "Opinions on Mare and LL"Sideshot Ranch05-27-09  09:40 am
nonenonenoneSupercharged empty broodmare?Molly M.05-26-09  07:52 pm
nonenonenonenonePurchased a new mare. Broodmare potential?Mary Greer28 05-26-09  06:58 pm
nonenonenonenoneMaiden vs BroodmareMolly M.05-26-09  02:45 pm
nonenonenoneNeed some more info on BLM MaresJane Whritenour05-24-09  06:11 pm
nonenonenoneMare in Sling - Looking for Facility in Penn-Ohio AreaRusti18 05-20-09  05:11 pm
nonenonenoneOpinions on mare and LL...Sideshot Ranch05-19-09  09:31 am
nonenonenonenoneCompeting the pregnant mare...Ann05-18-09  08:34 am
nonenonenoneBreeding age in various breedsJos05-15-09  12:45 am
nonenonenonenoneBreeding age for young mare??? Mary Greer05-11-09  05:51 pm
nonenonenoneWould like opinionsDiana Gilger05-08-09  03:51 pm
nonenonenoneIs she having a foalHolly25 05-08-09  10:46 am
nonenonenonenoneColt served my mareDorthy Brown05-07-09  06:02 pm
nonenonenonenoneWhat is your opinion-- Jos or anyonerenee05-02-09  02:37 pm
nonenonenoneWorming the bred mare.... Jamie Mix04-27-09  12:44 pm
nonenonenoneMare's Bags are hard is this normal?Pam Romjue04-26-09  02:38 pm
nonenonenoneUse of pencillin in early pregnant maresJos04-21-09  10:21 pm
nonenonenoneJoints of pregnant maremary anne higgins04-19-09  06:11 pm
nonenonenonenoneConfused Need your OpinionPam Brambley04-19-09  12:37 am
nonenonenoneMare Palpation?????? JosDM04-17-09  04:55 pm
nonenonenonenoneAny thoughts on baby horseVanessa Pierce04-15-09  09:39 pm
nonenonenonenoneCan I have you ideal PleaseLeanne H04-14-09  08:46 pm
nonenonenoneWhat a mess.. Help?!AML42 04-12-09  10:07 pm
nonenonenonenoneAlmost 30 yrs old but my Morgan mare breedable?Esther Johnson21 04-12-09  04:21 pm
nonenonenoneChances of conceivingTiffcrum04-12-09  03:05 am
nonenonenoneMaiden mare getting a slight udderDorthy Brown04-06-09  03:53 pm
nonenonenoneContractionsDiana Gilger04-06-09  12:59 pm
nonenonenoneVaccinating in early pregnancyJos11 04-05-09  11:38 am
nonenonenoneColt or Filly prediction?!Lindsey04-03-09  08:40 pm
nonenonenonenoneGypsy's babyIvette Armstrong50 04-02-09  01:15 pm
nonenonenoneSpots inside Vulva?Amanda Mitchell04-01-09  02:32 am
nonenonenoneHow do I wrap her tail?Ivette Armstrong03-30-09  05:15 pm
nonenonenoneAre we going to have a foal?Robin10 03-30-09  03:34 pm
nonenonenoneBagging up questionsheila kelleher03-29-09  09:41 pm
nonenonenoneBagging early or brought on by feed??Kathee McGuire03-29-09  03:29 pm
nonenonenonePregnant or just fat?marie bing10 03-27-09  02:37 pm
nonenonenoneHoof questionKay B. Jones,Nova bo03-25-09  02:57 pm
nonenonenoneBreaking water? How long?Susan03-22-09  11:15 pm
nonenonenoneConfused...mastitis? Or...???Rusti - Chilli due 403-20-09  09:51 pm
nonenonenoneRhino and 5-Way Vaccine QuestionBobbi Govro11 03-19-09  05:27 pm
nonenonenoneMaiden Mare question about Edema and CroupeJan Owen03-17-09  10:47 pm
nonenonenoneARE THEY OR NOT????/Bobbi Govro24 03-16-09  06:56 pm
nonenonenoneMare's Udder Won't Dry Up.Ivette Armstrong03-16-09  01:03 pm
nonenonenonenoneCan maiden mares not show preggie if she has deep ribs?Robin Culbertson03-16-09  11:24 am
nonenonenonenoneBagging up when not pregnant?Lynn Bellus12 03-15-09  10:11 pm
nonenonenoneSeeing/feeling foal movementLynn Bellus03-15-09  10:05 pm
nonenonenoneLaminitis and pregnant mareSuzanne Paulette10 03-13-09  11:28 pm
nonenonenoneThings I have noticed - should I worry?Bobbi Govro03-12-09  06:51 pm
nonenonenoneHow much to give ?Bobbi Govro16 03-12-09  03:56 pm
nonenonenoneLots of raised skin lumps on vulvaJos03-12-09  12:58 am
nonenonenoneShould a maiden mare be cultured??Dorthy Brown03-11-09  05:19 pm
nonenonenonePony mare and foaling troubles?Chris Taylor03-11-09  05:25 am
nonenonenoneVitaminsChris Taylor03-11-09  05:13 am
nonenonenoneShire horse please readColleen Beck03-08-09  04:20 pm
nonenonenonePlace your bets...Andrea Barnes03-04-09  11:24 pm
nonenonenoneOk...So When is the Milk Going to Come?Heather Weir03-04-09  07:27 pm
nonenonenoneHow to calculate foaling dateVanessa Pierce03-03-09  09:23 pm
nonenonenoneCollecting colostrum?Cindy Dawson03-02-09  08:40 pm
nonenonenoneStrange Marecarole letarte03-01-09  07:23 pm
nonenonenoneRotavirus Vaccine?Heather Weir02-22-09  03:08 pm
nonenonenoneHow soon can you transport mare and foal?Jan Owen02-22-09  01:29 am
nonenonenonenoneCOPD and BreedingDorthy Brown02-20-09  11:32 am
nonenonenoneVaccinations timingAd TB02-18-09  08:30 pm
nonenonenoneStallion owners question?Samantha02-14-09  02:05 pm
nonenonenoneAnother Is she or isn't she? Holly12 02-14-09  11:49 am
nonenonenoneLoss of appetite ??Diana Gilger02-12-09  11:44 am
nonenonenoneLactating open mare???Robin02-11-09  08:10 pm
nonenonenonenoneHair lossKris Gray02-11-09  02:34 pm
nonenonenoneIs she or not??Jan Owen12 02-02-09  11:05 am
nonenonenonenoneMare and foal feedIvette Armstrong01-21-09  02:08 pm
nonenonenonePregnant mare hates me to touch her!Loretta Frino01-20-09  03:47 pm
nonenonenonePTIF Mare expelling liquid k. matthew01-18-09  02:57 am
nonenonenonePutting a mare under lightsDee Jay01-13-09  03:11 pm
nonenonenoneA Story To Learn FromBobbi Govro01-12-09  02:16 pm
nonenonenoneMare I/F showing to stallion Q'sJos01-04-09  11:31 am
nonenonenonenonePregnant Mare ?? Please look at pics on weblink??Loretta Frino15 01-01-09  11:31 pm
nonenonenoneAdding new mares to the bandSamantha01-01-09  07:06 pm
nonenonenoneHow long a break should broodmare have?Michele12-21-08  01:09 am
nonenonenonenoneBroodmare's bellyMary Greer12-20-08  02:58 am
nonenonenoneThyro-L and Pregnant mareJos12-15-08  12:25 pm
nonenonenoneDischarge in young mareMichele12-12-08  11:21 pm
nonenonenonenoneProtein content for mare at 285 days? (Nutrition buffs!)Michele12-12-08  01:39 am
nonenonenoneCould they be in foal?mariana cremonte16 12-09-08  08:03 am
nonenonenonenoneTroubled mare or just a big foal??Mary Greer12-07-08  01:30 pm
nonenonenoneIs it true?Mary Greer11-23-08  10:00 pm
nonenonenoneExperience breeding from a mare like this?Jean11-21-08  05:56 pm
nonenonenoneYearly shots for mareZephyra11-19-08  09:04 am
nonenonenoneHelp with estrone sulphateKit11-13-08  06:21 pm
nonenonenoneBig Engine MareBobbi Govro11-13-08  05:38 pm
nonenonenonenonePedal rotation in pregnant marevanessa stokes14 11-07-08  02:02 pm
nonenonenoneHauling mare 8-9 months gestationHolly11 11-04-08  07:26 am
nonenonenonePregnant Maiden MareHolly10-30-08  02:13 pm
nonenonenoneCycling in maiden 3 1/2yr oldJos13 10-30-08  11:23 am
nonenonenonenoneIll tempered mareTerry Waechter marav10-25-08  06:19 pm
nonenonenoneWhen to give mare the shotJan Owen10-23-08  05:57 pm
nonenonenoneBedding Question for Preggers MareDiana Gilger10-22-08  08:53 pm
nonenonenoneResequin Nicole Barrow10-21-08  12:04 am
nonenonenonenoneNutrition and weight gainJenni Luttrell10-20-08  11:25 pm
nonenonenonenoneTrailoring a mare and foal after birthIvette Armstrong10 10-14-08  03:46 pm
nonenonenoneCODLIVER OIL AND PREGNANT MARES?Jenni Luttrell12 10-09-08  06:44 pm
nonenonenoneVery sick overterm mini mare - Urgent advice neededJenni Luttrell10-09-08  04:30 pm
nonenonenoneMini barn buddy?Jenni Luttrell10-06-08  05:40 pm
nonenonenoneWant to buy mare- is still with 3 yr. old colt- helpAngela Crump10-06-08  05:06 pm
nonenonenoneAbout to buy mare- sweet until in heat- then insane. help?Angela Crump13 10-06-08  04:59 pm
nonenonenoneI have a mare at 413 daysDorthy Brown20 10-03-08  10:40 am
nonenonenoneBlood Test?Jan Owen14 10-02-08  02:40 pm
nonenonenoneWhen to foal watch?Bonny12 09-30-08  07:49 pm
nonenonenoneUdder development QuestionBonny09-10-08  11:53 am
nonenonenoneAnother is she or isnt she?rachael moore67 09-08-08  05:43 pm
nonenonenoneUsing supplementsSamantha09-08-08  12:49 pm
nonenonenoneIs Sandy Pregnant?Bonny16 09-05-08  09:39 am
nonenonenoneSmall Pony Mare - can they be ultrasounded?Diana Gilger09-03-08  09:01 pm
nonenonenonenoneWhat Color is this Mare?Angela Barbour09-02-08  11:59 am
nonenonenoneBonny - When will she foal-part 3Jenni Luttrell20 08-29-08  05:44 pm
nonenonenoneBlanket for pregnant/nursing mare?Tracy Smith08-29-08  01:28 am
nonenonenoneHormonesBonny08-28-08  06:59 pm
nonenonenoneMare w/ testosterone imbalance? anyone?Michelle Drum08-26-08  08:37 pm
nonenonenoneMove to Indiana Merriville areaMarilyn Lemke - Asia08-25-08  07:18 pm
nonenonenonePotomac FeverPhyllis Schroder08-22-08  10:09 pm
nonenonenoneMeds and pregnant mareBobbi Govro08-22-08  04:08 pm
nonenonenoneBONNYS NEW THREADBonny228 08-22-08  11:23 am
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nonenonenoneLactating so early?Jane Whritenour08-18-08  07:17 pm
nonenonenonenoneNew mare,23 years old, Pregnant?!?!Mary Greer08-15-08  07:18 pm
nonenonenoneMilk QuestionDiana Gilger08-15-08  05:16 pm
nonenonenonePerineal Body Transection - questionTammy Swann08-14-08  08:46 pm
nonenonenonenonePlease help with QuestionsAngela Barbour08-14-08  01:07 am
nonenonenoneNot sure what to doPam Romjue44 08-13-08  03:39 pm
nonenonenonenoneIn heat mare with diarreheaAngela Barbour08-13-08  01:03 pm
nonenonenoneOlder mare on day 352 should I be worried?Pam Romjue08-13-08  10:34 am
nonenonenoneEstrone Sulphate levelsDiana Gilger25 08-11-08  10:00 pm
nonenonenoneIs it possible?Jos08-09-08  07:41 pm
nonenonenonePREGNANT OR HAY BELLY? WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK?susan lewis13 08-06-08  07:31 pm
nonenonenoneHow long do I wait.?Diana Gilger08-05-08  11:14 pm
nonenonenoneAdvice needed from Arab ownersJane Olney50 08-02-08  08:45 pm
nonenonenoneI got to thinkin???Bonny11 08-01-08  02:06 pm
nonenonenoneFirst Time Breeder - Whats Best?Jos08-01-08  11:00 am
nonenonenoneWill a mare come into season if she is preg?corina gabel11 07-29-08  12:48 pm
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nonenonenonenoneStall Size for draft mare and foal to be?Tia Lurie & The Gold07-25-08  08:21 am
nonenonenonenoneNewbie w/maiden mare & strange gelding/stud heat behaviorcorina gabel07-25-08  12:47 am
nonenonenoneMare acting like a stallionJan Owen07-16-08  10:38 am
nonenonenoneDetermining pregnancyBonny29 07-12-08  08:59 am
nonenonenonenonePregnant and acting strange, is this a sign?judy cervantes/cheno07-08-08  05:18 pm
nonenonenoneBred Mare with yearling coltSara S07-08-08  02:48 am
nonenonenoneWill she ever be the same ?joe russo18 07-07-08  11:06 pm
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nonenonenonenoneAnother cycle question Laurie A Beltran22 07-03-08  08:51 am
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nonenonenoneOverweight mare in foal 60 days, can I slim her down?Samantha06-25-08  03:49 pm
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nonenonenoneHelp, has not come back in after shot?Jos06-24-08  08:21 am
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nonenonenoneWhat to feed??Tahra Sky 3/1455 06-22-08  04:41 pm
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nonenonenoneTiming of ovulation in draft maresN. Osterhoudt10 06-12-08  03:04 pm
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nonenonenoneOutside mare in for breeding not coming into heatSuzanne Paulette06-09-08  12:58 am
nonenonenoneJos and Mini people! Detecting a mini pregnancy......dee duh due anytime!63 06-07-08  01:46 am
nonenonenoneAIing poniesJos06-04-08  11:54 pm
nonenonenonenoneImmunall--Thoughts, opinions, experiances??Marilyn Lemke - Dora06-04-08  09:58 am
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nonenonenoneCanadaTammy Jessen05-29-08  04:24 pm
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nonenonenoneIs she just fat or do you think she might be pregos?Joyce05-25-08  09:46 am
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nonenonenoneCan't believe I am back!Wade & Becky McDouga05-20-08  05:25 pm
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nonenonenone"Mare" problem or soundness issue? PLEASE help!Diana Gilger12 05-12-08  07:40 am
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nonenonenonePregnant mares and sedatives?Jos05-05-08  12:02 pm
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nonenonenoneHow long before foaling after milk test says ready?Beth Sanford10 04-26-08  01:03 pm
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nonenonenoneTail bag?Michelle, Kaya born 04-25-08  10:11 am
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nonenonenoneHeat question??Beth Sanford04-23-08  09:52 pm
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nonenonenoneShe is driving me CRAZY! Question about mare showing signs of estrus.Heather Cooke10 04-23-08  07:28 pm
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nonenonenonenoneSupposed to snow this weekend, and keeping foal warmEmily S23 04-15-08  09:52 pm
nonenonenonenoneBreeding a mare with a "dead" tailGina McMahon17 04-15-08  03:58 pm
nonenonenonenoneFetal sexing - which time frame do you recommend?Jackie04-13-08  02:03 pm
nonenonenonePalpation accuracy @ 6 months Samantha04-12-08  03:50 pm
nonenonenone42 day breeding rule? Jos04-11-08  11:41 pm
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nonenonenoneStraw vs. wood shavingsJos04-09-08  12:21 am
nonenonenoneDoes this mare look preggers ?Barb D04-08-08  11:35 pm
nonenonenonePalpating the mare.....Bonny04-08-08  06:51 am
nonenonenonenoneDue according to cover in mid Sept felt & saw movmentKristin L. Culhane04-05-08  07:28 pm
nonenonenoneWhen is the safest time to trailer a mare during pregnancy?Samantha04-04-08  04:57 pm
nonenonenoneStall Skins for foaling stall???Michelle Richardson19 04-04-08  03:02 pm
nonenonenoneDischarge after Ecoli treatmentMarilyn Lemke - Dora04-03-08  10:56 am
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nonenonenoneIs this bagging up - photo attachedMary Greer04-01-08  09:56 pm
nonenonenonenoneQuestion about "softness" of mares rump before foalingkimberly male04-01-08  08:51 pm
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nonenonenoneFoal halterEmily S03-26-08  12:17 am
nonenonenoneIs my mare pregnant??Bonny03-25-08  10:14 am
nonenonenoneJoint injections in broodmares?Dorthy Brown03-25-08  08:41 am
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nonenonenoneHauling a Mare in Late PregnancyJenni Luttrell03-21-08  12:25 am
nonenonenoneWhen to perform a culture/cytology?N. Osterhoudt03-20-08  10:22 pm
nonenonenoneBreeders I need your help or anyone for that matter...Jos03-20-08  10:59 am
nonenonenoneWaxingBeth Valen03-20-08  12:27 am
nonenonenoneMare and foal in pasture?Emily S03-19-08  10:07 pm
nonenonenonenoneJOS What is the Accuracy of UltrsoundCathy Cook03-19-08  02:32 pm
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nonenonenoneSeeing a pregnancy at 13 days?Jos03-17-08  10:17 pm
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nonenonenoneQuestion about a brand of horse feed?Emily S25 03-14-08  11:59 pm
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nonenonenoneAnother Udder QuestionTR10 03-13-08  01:15 pm
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nonenonenonenoneDUE DATESKRISTIN L. CULHANE03-12-08  08:49 pm
nonenonenonePregnant picsjudy cervantes11 03-10-08  11:33 pm
nonenonenoneTrailering a prengant mare 15 mins up the roadCatherine Owen03-10-08  11:46 am
nonenonenoneOk an up date on my mustangBeth03-10-08  02:10 am
nonenonenonenoneWeird QuestionEmily S18 03-10-08  12:35 am
nonenonenoneGrain questionEmily S03-10-08  12:23 am
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nonenonenoneJust a "funny" to keep it lightSamantha03-06-08  09:46 pm
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nonenonenoneProduct info requestcharlene birdsall, B03-06-08  01:08 pm
nonenonenonenoneJOS PLEASE HELPTracy Smith, Tali du03-06-08  12:05 pm
nonenonenonenoneWhat do I do??Mary Greer03-05-08  07:14 pm
nonenonenonenoneAnother stupid question of mine...Marilyn Lemke - Dora10 03-04-08  03:52 pm
nonenonenonenonePregnant or not??Emily S11 03-04-08  12:21 am
nonenonenonenoneI think I have a problemMood Swings19 03-03-08  10:33 pm
nonenonenoneBroodmare has hard mass in one udderJan Owen03-03-08  07:14 pm
nonenonenonenonePulling progesterone at day 14? JackieB03-03-08  02:11 pm
nonenonenoneEVA vaccination and male foalsJos03-03-08  11:49 am
nonenonenoneMovement?Emily S03-02-08  09:56 pm
nonenonenonenoneFoal kicking!Emily Schneider03-01-08  12:06 pm
nonenonenone5 y/o Maiden Mare pregnant continuedTim Popovitz03-01-08  07:57 pm
nonenonenone5 y/o Maiden Mare pregnantMary Greer02-29-08  07:10 pm
nonenonenoneFoal MovingDianne Edwards11 02-29-08  12:32 pm
nonenonenonenoneI need to sweat scurf off of Prego mareKRISTIN L. CULHANE02-28-08  07:21 pm
nonenonenoneExcessive Hair Loss and Excessive sweating in prego mareLaurie A Beltran17 02-28-08  09:04 am
nonenonenonenoneCHEMICALS ON PREGNANT MAREKRISTIN L. CULHANE02-27-08  11:41 am
nonenonenonePregnant mare's stomach?Emily Schneider20 02-26-08  10:52 pm
nonenonenoneFescue Poisoning -- Vaccine from ClemsonCatherine Owen02-26-08  03:45 pm
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nonenonenonenoneConcerns breeding a mare that is a windsuckercasallc13 02-23-08  06:31 pm
nonenonenoneJOS HELP! ? about ironjudy cervantes02-20-08  12:21 am
nonenonenoneRetained Placenta, just once or repeat?corina gabel02-19-08  09:58 pm
nonenonenoneCleanig UdderJan Owen19 02-19-08  04:20 pm
nonenonenoneFloating teeth right before the mare is bred. ??Tracy Smith, Tali du02-18-08  01:00 am
nonenonenonenoneJos - prostaglandin to abort unwanted pregnancyJos02-17-08  12:33 am
nonenonenoneSigns of Birthing?charlene birdsall, B53 02-13-08  07:00 pm
nonenonenoneHauling Pregnant mareTracy Smith, Tali du02-08-08  12:01 pm
nonenonenoneE ZEE WEAN HALTERErica, Sandy, about 10 02-07-08  05:20 pm
nonenonenonenoneWhen do you let nature take over?Mood Swings02-07-08  01:12 pm
nonenonenonePregnant mare passing bloodJos13 02-04-08  09:49 pm
nonenonenoneMucous discharge in preg.marecharlene birdsall, B02-03-08  12:27 pm
nonenonenoneWhat is average days to foaling ?Jo Angela Stirewalt02-03-08  11:24 am
nonenonenoneWhy does my mare keep lying down?Tracy Smith, Tali du02-02-08  09:20 pm
nonenonenoneI'm stumped/vet is stumpedZoe Urquhart12 01-28-08  09:51 am
nonenonenoneHow much fescue is to much ?Marilyn Lemke - Dora01-27-08  11:04 am
nonenonenone37 Week mare needing surgeryLinda Bauer01-23-08  04:53 pm
nonenonenoneFeeding the pregnant mareMarilyn Lemke - Dora01-22-08  12:10 pm
nonenonenoneIs biopsy necessary every year?Marilyn Lemke - Dora18 01-22-08  07:32 am
nonenonenonenoneFlighty mare post foaling/would like to imprint/HELPLynn Ison15 01-21-08  08:37 am
nonenonenoneMaiden bagging early - to worry or not?Tracy Smith, Tali du16 01-17-08  06:45 pm
nonenonenoneAnother prego mare?corina gabel01-15-08  08:43 pm
nonenonenone2 mares bred, many questionsJos01-14-08  09:58 pm
nonenonenoneHas anyone heard of Next Generation Quick Check?Marilyn Lemke - Dora01-09-08  07:15 am
nonenonenoneTENDER BELLYBeth11 01-07-08  09:43 pm
nonenonenoneHow does a mare get bred during what should be anestrusJenni Luttrell14 01-03-08  12:41 pm
nonenonenonenoneMare not taking new born foalPaul Liberty28 01-02-08  10:19 pm
nonenonenoneColostrum question Jenni Luttrell20 12-22-07  11:16 pm
nonenonenoneOlder mare being in foalAmanda12-21-07  01:57 pm
nonenonenoneShe is dripping clearish fluid... how long do I have till she drops...Mariko12-13-07  05:23 pm
nonenonenoneHow common is it for pregnant mares to show "heat"Jos12-11-07  08:50 pm
nonenonenoneConfusedDaena Sawicki12-11-07  11:49 am
nonenonenoneClitoral function in the mareJos12-03-07  09:50 pm
nonenonenoneET and older mare -Jos?Jos11-29-07  11:10 pm
nonenonenonenoneMare showing heat to mares?Jos11-26-07  06:54 pm
nonenonenoneTenderness around flank phil mcgrowling11-23-07  09:41 pm
nonenonenone3 yr old maiden mare not showing seasonMichele11-20-07  11:26 pm
nonenonenoneHeart beat in the unborn foalcharlene birdsall11-20-07  05:18 pm
nonenonenonePyometra in Retired MareKendra Hansis11-20-07  07:42 am
nonenonenone5 month old filly already acting in heatHeather Cooke11-11-07  07:43 pm
nonenonenoneBreeding an older maidenTracy Smith11-09-07  01:37 am
nonenonenoneWhat's going on with my mare?!judy cervantes11-08-07  10:10 pm
nonenonenoneCould it be possible she could be bred?!Cathy Cook45 11-06-07  10:34 pm
nonenonenoneEngorgement/weaningCathy Cook12 11-05-07  12:51 pm
nonenonenonePregnant Mare and Sedation for DentistryTracy Smith11-01-07  09:06 pm
nonenonenoneBlood test to confirm pregnancyMichele11-01-07  02:45 pm
nonenonenoneVulva conformation Michele13 10-25-07  11:23 pm
nonenonenoneMaiden Mare Frozen Semen or Not?Michele10-25-07  11:16 pm
nonenonenonenone2008 disasterin waiting!!Coco Tingler10-24-07  11:24 am
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nonenonenonePregnant or pot-bellied?Dorthy Brown10-15-07  11:52 am
nonenonenoneAnother is she or isn't she (donkey!)Hannah MacDonald10-10-07  04:08 pm
nonenonenoneAny problems with breeding for an end-of summer foal?Jen09-28-07  03:54 pm
nonenonenoneNew to AI process...Kristin Schmidt14 09-21-07  08:00 pm
nonenonenoneBreeding and showing at the same time??Kali Blacke10 09-19-07  05:03 pm
nonenonenonePregnant or not ? Please helpJane09-10-07  04:59 am
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nonenonenonenonePreggers or not? Help please!Coco Tingler09-02-07  07:59 pm
nonenonenoneYealring throat problem..??Tawnya Reber09-01-07  12:41 pm
nonenonenoneFetal heartbeatcathy Cook08-29-07  05:51 am
nonenonenoneJOS HELP!!! OVARIAN CYST? TREAT OR LET GO?Jos14 08-27-07  09:20 pm
nonenonenonenoneBreeding a Dirty MareLaurie A Beltran08-26-07  02:00 am
nonenonenoneVaccinating Pregnant Marecathy Cook08-24-07  07:42 pm
nonenonenonenoneHow soon can u tell?Emma08-23-07  06:44 pm
nonenonenoneUltrasound QuestionJos08-22-07  10:39 pm
nonenonenonenoneFeeding the Pregnant Marecathy Cook11 08-19-07  04:26 pm
nonenonenonePregnant or just fat?? Jen08-16-07  05:04 pm
nonenonenoneVisual signs of estruscathy Cook08-10-07  03:21 pm
nonenonenoneLutalysecathy Cook08-10-07  12:38 pm
nonenonenoneNewly pregnant mare has strange discharge at *pictures*Heather Bolding08-09-07  08:31 pm
nonenonenoneWierd symptoms?Jos08-09-07  01:56 pm
nonenonenoneSummer heat & humidityMarilyn Lemke08-07-07  08:47 pm
nonenonenonenoneHeat & Humidity - Effects on a Mare's HeatJos08-06-07  09:02 pm
nonenonenonenoneOnly have a weekend to breed......any hope?Heather Cooke21 08-06-07  04:39 pm
nonenonenonenoneHow to tell she is in heat?????cathy Cook22 08-06-07  06:03 am
nonenonenonenoneHow do I determin "booking" ?Beth Walker08-04-07  11:24 pm
nonenonenoneCaslicks questionMarilyn Lemke08-04-07  10:03 am
nonenonenonenoneMare NOT coming into heat...Jos08-03-07  10:41 am
nonenonenoneMare dripping milkHeather Cooke08-02-07  04:41 pm
nonenonenoneKeeping a mare from coming in heatBeverly07-31-07  10:55 am
nonenonenoneFat or pregnant udder? pics....mariana cremonte11 07-26-07  08:35 am
nonenonenoneQuestion 25 post breedingJos07-19-07  02:39 pm
nonenonenoneUltrasoundPita07-19-07  11:58 am
nonenonenoneColor of UrineJos07-17-07  11:07 am
nonenonenoneAnyone familiar with the Jockey Club??Kathy Simmons17 07-11-07  11:05 am
nonenonenonenoneCan Someone Please Give Me Some Advice....ANYONE Jos10 07-04-07  10:13 am
nonenonenonenoneBlood tissue/bred mareElsie Steedley07-03-07  11:04 pm
nonenonenoneFirst few weeks of pregnancyJan Owen15 07-02-07  04:08 pm
nonenonenoneMy mare has had diarrhea for 3 weeksSharon Malmberg07-02-07  10:32 am
nonenonenonenoneCan summer estrous be shorter?Marilyn Lemke07-01-07  08:18 pm
nonenonenoneAnyone any experience of this?Dorthy Brown06-29-07  10:33 am
nonenonenoneMare with milky white dischargeJos06-24-07  01:55 pm
nonenonenoneIs she pregnant? Your thoughtsJessica Leonard06-22-07  06:30 pm
nonenonenonenone17 day scan shows pregnancy!Hannah MacDonald06-18-07  05:09 pm
nonenonenoneSterile abcesses from vaccinationsLinda K. Lajavic06-17-07  05:37 pm
nonenonenoneVentral edema vs tendon ruptureJan Owen06-17-07  11:59 am
nonenonenoneHelp, I need advise on a "maybe" pregnant mareShatsa_daisy06-17-07  02:38 am
nonenonenonenoneStill no filliesE Watkins36 06-14-07  02:27 pm
nonenonenonenoneMini mare prego? Colleen G06-11-07  11:29 pm
nonenonenoneCould this be a foal moving, or gas or what?????Joyce06-10-07  08:15 pm
nonenonenoneNeed advice on a very skinny mareburkett06-08-07  11:00 am
nonenonenoneQuestion about mares 'bag' burkett06-07-07  04:14 pm
nonenonenoneThick horse coat in UK still...Emma Newby06-06-07  05:57 pm
nonenonenonePregnant mares and chiropractorsEmma Newby15 06-06-07  05:49 pm
nonenonenoneWhat to ask the vet to do?Jos06-04-07  08:22 am
nonenonenone21 day embryo looks like 16 day embryoJos06-04-07  08:14 am
nonenonenoneIn heat with closed cervix??Heather Cooke06-02-07  10:01 pm
nonenonenoneAre the mare and stallion too closely related?Lisa R.10 06-01-07  02:48 pm
nonenonenonenoneGood vibes needed - mare insemminated yesterday!Hannah MacDonald06-01-07  04:52 am
nonenonenoneGoing to go for it...Hannah MacDonald12 05-31-07  02:21 am
nonenonenoneBreeding on foal heat?E Watkins05-30-07  01:23 pm
nonenonenoneHave you ever leased a StallionEmily West05-28-07  06:10 pm
nonenonenonenoneSperm tenacity?!Jos05-28-07  05:17 pm
nonenonenoneYoung filly in with young coltAmyandBrett05-27-07  10:23 pm
nonenonenonePoss Cryptorchid, pregnancy possible?Jos05-25-07  10:18 am
nonenonenoneHow far along does a mare have to be to feel the foal movement?Sara S05-25-07  08:08 am
nonenonenoneBreeding impact on the mareEmma Newby19 05-24-07  03:49 pm
nonenonenoneCoughing/urineSally Jones05-20-07  10:59 pm
nonenonenonePurple/pink discharge maiden mareMood Swings05-20-07  12:10 am
nonenonenoneMare less than two years old edemaA Watson05-16-07  09:52 am
nonenonenonePregnancy tests?Jenny P05-16-07  12:07 am
nonenonenoneFly Spray in First Trimester?D. Dron05-15-07  03:29 pm
nonenonenoneDoes foal heat cause discharge?Jos05-13-07  10:09 pm
nonenonenonePregnant mare showing signs of heat.Kali Blacke19 05-11-07  08:19 pm
nonenonenoneHelp daughter in a panicjennifer kinser05-11-07  11:41 am
nonenonenoneWhat part of cycle do mares bleed?Jos05-09-07  07:04 pm
nonenonenoneWhen should my mare come into heat ?Joyce05-07-07  08:53 pm
nonenonenoneCan I use permethrin powder on a pregnant mare?Paula Rollins05-07-07  08:14 pm
nonenonenoneKeeping horses in Texas or Indianatracey phipps13 05-04-07  03:41 pm
nonenonenoneMare Breeding CultureJos05-03-07  09:45 pm
nonenonenoneFollicle sizeJos05-02-07  10:29 am
nonenonenoneVitaminsLeia04-30-07  11:11 pm
nonenonenoneEmbryo size at 18 days ?Jos04-28-07  12:53 am
nonenonenoneDoes the time of breeding have anything to do with the sex of colt?Jos04-28-07  12:48 am
nonenonenoneHow can I tell if my filly has been bred?E Watkins10 04-27-07  12:37 pm
nonenonenoneTwo mares both have diarrheaDianne Edwards04-27-07  11:10 am
nonenonenonenoneKicking low on mares belly?Jennifer D04-27-07  10:30 am
nonenonenoneUltrasound @ 15 days Dianne Edwards16 04-26-07  11:16 am
nonenonenonePreg mare/Foaling QuartersDianne Edwards04-26-07  11:13 am
nonenonenoneSwollen legJANE OLNEY04-23-07  02:30 am
nonenonenoneHeat cycle - when is to late?Colleen Beck03-28-07  10:15 am
nonenonenoneStallion SelectionEmma Newby19 04-17-07  05:42 pm
nonenonenoneWhite dry "beads" on teat endsSharon Malmberg04-16-07  09:30 am
nonenonenoneOlder Pregnant Mare With Growing Lump on BellyHeather Kutyba17 04-14-07  02:33 pm
nonenonenoneMetritisMood Swings04-13-07  11:02 am
nonenonenoneThinning marecathy Cook12 04-10-07  08:34 am
nonenonenoneDraft mares and retained placentasN. Osterhoudt04-09-07  02:34 pm
nonenonenonenoneWest Nile Virus Vaccine safe to use?Ruth04-05-07  05:14 pm
nonenonenoneAntibiotics & the Preg MareMood Swings04-01-07  07:48 pm
nonenonenonenoneGround workKaren Bratcher04-01-07  07:27 pm
nonenonenoneOdd Swelling - Cant find any information!!Jan Owen03-30-07  02:26 pm
nonenonenoneDaily wormer and supplements questionsAlexis Weinstein03-28-07  08:36 am
nonenonenoneSleepy Pregnant Mare ???marilyn kennedy03-22-07  10:10 pm
nonenonenoneHelp please with a question.....Heather Kutyba22 03-22-07  05:16 pm
nonenonenoneDischarge and "blisters" on vulva.Joie Roddy03-20-07  07:43 pm
nonenonenoneSorry - Another question regarding transitional phase.... Please an...Lori Bentley03-19-07  04:03 pm
nonenonenonenoneWeaning a Three year old HELPAngela Barbour10 03-13-07  09:02 pm
nonenonenone14.1hh mare bred to a 16.2hh stallion?Ruth03-13-07  04:22 pm
nonenonenonenoneDetecting Estrus - mares teasing maresMood Swings03-05-07  01:11 pm
nonenonenoneNail test?Jenni Luttrell03-04-07  01:02 am
nonenonenoneMare in heat in January?Jos03-03-07  12:38 pm
nonenonenoneWhere do you see the foal kicking??Jenni Luttrell03-03-07  03:27 am
nonenonenonePregnant mare pastured with GeldingJennifer D02-28-07  05:51 pm
nonenonenoneWhen does a mare start "showing" her pregnancy?Jan Owen02-28-07  03:54 pm
nonenonenonenoneNot totally convinced she's not pregnantColleen Beck02-27-07  12:30 pm
nonenonenoneOvulation before or after cervix closes?marie dooley02-26-07  06:54 pm
nonenonenoneQuestions on ovulationmarie dooley02-26-07  07:46 am
nonenonenoneTransitional cycle?cathy Cook02-26-07  06:32 am
nonenonenoneMare teasing post breeding???marie dooley02-25-07  09:49 pm
nonenonenoneWhen is it safe to transport a pregnant mare?Colleen Beck02-25-07  07:55 pm
nonenonenoneFrozen semen AI on maiden mareMichele02-25-07  04:18 am
nonenonenoneTransitional PhaseJos01-14-07  02:09 am
nonenonenonenoneMy mare has bad mastitisJoanie Davison02-24-07  12:55 pm
nonenonenone70 day palpation and ultra sound? JOS?peri02-21-07  08:39 pm
nonenonenoneHeart condition in mareNanci Cook02-17-07  11:17 pm
nonenonenoneWeaning Questions - Can I put the mare and foal together again?Sharon Malmberg02-12-07  09:16 am
nonenonenoneOver weight mareHeather Kutyba02-06-07  03:18 pm
nonenonenoneLaminitic Broodmare FeedingSharon Malmberg02-05-07  10:52 am
nonenonenone6-7 month pregnant mare pictures.Kris Moos01-30-07  11:35 am
nonenonenone Jos....Pregnant Mare showing signs of Heatcathy Cook01-29-07  07:01 pm
nonenonenoneBaby kickingMolly M.01-17-07  09:37 am
nonenonenoneMare showing weird signsMelody01-16-07  07:50 pm
nonenonenoneYoungest Filly PregnancyJos01-10-07  10:05 pm
nonenonenoneDeworming Pregnant MaresRuth01-09-07  01:18 pm
nonenonenoneGestation stages of a foalDorthy Brown01-08-07  12:43 pm
nonenonenoneMotilityJos01-03-07  10:26 pm
nonenonenoneFoal's position affecting mare?Teena Bain12-31-06  03:59 pm
nonenonenoneUdder size question please?Joyce Maxwell12-28-06  06:01 pm
nonenonenonenoneMare with Udder Swelling & Heat? Mastitis?Alicia Chapman12-25-06  08:20 pm
nonenonenoneDetermining Sex of Foal from UltrasoundRuth12-14-06  12:45 pm
nonenonenoneMare is loosing some weightRhonda Bock12-05-06  08:47 pm
nonenonenoneHow long to bring back into work?Ruth12-05-06  05:14 pm
nonenonenonePregnant mare DiarrheaRhonda Bock12-05-06  04:40 pm
nonenonenonenoneExercising mare in last trimesterJan Owen12-03-06  10:14 am
nonenonenoneHelpStephanie11-30-06  11:45 am
nonenonenonenoneMaybe maybee not ???!!!!Jos11-29-06  11:10 am
nonenonenonenoneHow does gastric movement differ from foal movement?Jos11-15-06  11:22 am
nonenonenoneCyst? Tumor? Inside the vulva Jos11-14-06  11:35 pm
nonenonenoneRunny eye?Daniel Crouse11-13-06  09:37 am
nonenonenoneRunny eye?Daniel Crouse10-30-06  02:41 pm
nonenonenoneHelp!Hannah Mills10-29-06  01:10 pm
nonenonenoneCreep Feeding FoalRuth10-28-06  12:20 pm
nonenonenoneLate for Rhino Vacc.?Jos10 10-28-06  12:10 am
nonenonenoneLate for Rhino Vacc.?Daniel Crouse10-25-06  02:43 pm
nonenonenonePregnancy test at 5 mos?Jennifer10-24-06  05:20 pm
nonenonenoneGood ReadingKerri10-23-06  10:26 am
nonenonenoneNot sure what is going on... Jos?Cindy10-17-06  12:01 am
nonenonenonenoneCaslick Procedure - Behavior changing?Michele M10-16-06  08:32 am
nonenonenoneExcellent Horse Information SiteDebbie Burnett10-09-06  11:18 am
nonenonenoneWhen can I breed a filly who can only be used as a broodmare?Kassie Finley09-30-06  09:52 pm
nonenonenoneWhat are the chances???Ruth09-30-06  11:39 am
nonenonenoneWhere can I buy pregnamare?Michelle Lyons09-23-06  10:14 pm
nonenonenonenoneFall shots for Pregnant MareKelly Bowman09-09-06  08:20 pm
nonenonenonenoneAny Disadvantages to Fall Breeding?Susan09-08-06  12:46 pm
nonenonenoneHelp! Seriously Don't know!nancy vance08-31-06  12:14 am
nonenonenoneHay belly or foal????Megan A Brown13 08-30-06  03:49 pm
nonenonenonenoneVery Fat MareToni08-29-06  10:24 pm
nonenonenonePG and laminitis?Gail08-29-06  02:55 pm
nonenonenoneTriplets!!!!!!!!!!! :-(..........Jos08-27-06  10:07 pm
nonenonenoneNew usernancy vance08-24-06  01:25 pm
nonenonenoneMy mare hates trailoringnancy vance08-23-06  02:14 pm
nonenonenoneRhino Vac for Maresnancy vance08-23-06  12:20 am
nonenonenone20% alfalfa in horse pasture mixDebbie Burnett08-22-06  02:07 pm
nonenonenonenoneUdder question?Jennifer08-14-06  05:31 pm
nonenonenoneStrange lump on the underside of two pregnant maresDeena08-10-06  11:07 pm
nonenonenoneProblem with keeping a mare pregnantJos08-08-06  01:34 pm
nonenonenonePregnant mare with ocular squamous cell carcinomaMichele08-03-06  07:42 am
nonenonenoneDifferent Stages of Udder on MaresCyndi Currie08-02-06  09:40 pm
nonenonenoneQuestion about short/3 day cycledelia Kramer08-01-06  12:33 pm
nonenonenoneSwollen under jaw?Kerri07-26-06  11:58 am
nonenonenonenoneHow can I tell if my Filly is in season?Megan A Brown07-24-06  01:34 pm
nonenonenoneHCG, ECG questionJos07-21-06  12:17 pm
nonenonenoneVaginal Scope questionJos07-20-06  09:45 pm
nonenonenoneUmm don't know what to title but please help !!Jos07-20-06  09:42 pm
nonenonenoneMare was wormed at 30 days in this o.k?Kim Winter07-17-06  07:52 am
nonenonenoneFertilizer on pasture?? Help Jos or anyoneHeather Kutyba07-10-06  11:31 pm
nonenonenoneHow can I tell if my mare is pregnant?amber lynne eason07-10-06  11:14 am
nonenonenoneWaxing.Beth Nesbitt07-08-06  09:20 pm
nonenonenoneMSM - helps preggy mares?Graciela07-05-06  08:07 pm
nonenonenone13 day embryo, how hard is it to find?Jos07-03-06  09:28 pm
nonenonenoneCan mare be pregnant?Jos07-02-06  12:57 pm
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