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nonenonenoneINRA / French AV liner questionJos05-22-12  04:55 pm
nonenonenoneRegumate to regulate cyclesmynutmeg04-06-12  06:43 am
nonenonenoneWorming and early pregnancy?mynutmeg04-06-12  06:36 am
nonenonenoneAI Stats... colts vs filliesC. Krauss27 03-31-12  07:20 pm
nonenonenoneFoal safetyAllison02-09-12  01:36 pm
nonenonenoneDrug question...Jos10 02-06-12  04:02 am
nonenonenoneOn farm A.I Chelsea Hacault01-30-12  09:02 am
nonenonenoneDMSO infected uterus?Gypsy Cob11-07-11  02:53 am
nonenonenoneWhat age do i need to split themJos10-12-11  04:28 pm
nonenonenoneCytology or Low Volume Lavage/Culture ?Jos09-27-11  11:44 pm
nonenonenoneHow much semen?Jos09-20-11  11:13 pm
nonenonenoneCollecting stallion with no tease mare. Diana Gilger09-11-11  10:12 pm
nonenonenoneHow to breed the perfect heightGypsy Cob09-09-11  10:08 pm
nonenonenoneJos, I got another extender ?????Jos09-06-11  10:50 pm
nonenonenoneJos - Cytology DIY?Cathy08-24-11  11:09 pm
nonenonenoneJos - Hemocytometer Question?Jos08-22-11  12:03 pm
nonenonenonePregScanJos08-04-11  09:43 pm
nonenonenoneOvulationKaren Knight07-20-11  10:55 am
nonenonenoneQuestion about Cytology/CultureJos07-18-11  12:45 am
nonenonenoneAmscope microscope for semen analysisJos07-02-11  03:37 pm
nonenonenoneLive cover vs. AIRowena S.06-23-11  07:16 am
nonenonenoneThe cervixJos06-14-11  10:10 am
nonenonenone"short cycling"Chris06-13-11  03:56 am
nonenonenoneJos, advice on Ultrasounds please?Jos06-10-11  08:36 pm
nonenonenoneWhat would be a good start for Extender testhidden lake stable06-08-11  11:04 pm
nonenonenoneAnybody do their own ultrasounding?Kristie Allen27 06-07-11  11:39 pm
nonenonenoneFreezing semen facilities are not all created equally!Jos06-05-11  10:49 am
nonenonenoneAI Immediately Following U/S?Missy Anderson05-24-11  10:31 pm
nonenonenonenoneSettle and resulting Fever???hidden lake stable05-24-11  08:31 pm
nonenonenoneCaslicks Removal Botched?Jos05-20-11  11:20 am
nonenonenoneCalculating the progressively motile sperm Jos05-18-11  04:57 pm
nonenonenoneJOS - permission to use one of your articleshedgerow pony farm05-18-11  01:30 pm
nonenonenoneMare lets stallion breed her, even when not in heat!Jos05-16-11  11:12 pm
nonenonenonenonePhantom training not going wellChris05-15-11  04:02 am
nonenonenoneAv and Semen Preparing QuestionsChris12 04-04-11  05:17 am
nonenonenoneSperm QuestionLinda Bauer --10 04-14-11  11:28 pm
nonenonenoneMiniature Horses; Any Sucess with Shipping AI within the States?Jos04-09-11  07:51 pm
nonenonenoneDeslorelinJos03-25-11  11:47 pm
nonenonenoneWHY CENTRIFUGE SEMENJos10 03-21-11  10:40 pm
nonenonenoneAntibiotic infusionsChuck Lewter03-20-11  06:51 pm
nonenonenoneVery Small Stallion looking for breeding ramp ideas to reach taller...Mary Hyduck03-10-11  08:52 am
nonenonenoneHistrelin?Kristen B.03-08-11  01:15 pm
nonenonenoneHelp, trying to teach stallion to live cover after AI....Lori Blatter02-25-11  11:33 pm
nonenonenoneInstalling new Phantom planChris Taylor02-24-11  04:10 am
nonenonenoneMassage the cervix at insemination?Jos02-08-11  09:30 pm
nonenonenoneADVICE NEEDED preg test equipmentGypsy Cob02-06-11  03:47 pm
nonenonenoneCleaning StallionJos02-02-11  11:33 am
nonenonenoneBreeding open mares starting in 7 daysJos01-26-11  03:24 pm
nonenonenoneCurious - can semen be shipped w/o extender and be viable the next ...Jos12 01-23-11  03:02 pm
nonenonenoneExcess Semen Spilling Out After DismountChris Taylor12-26-10  04:26 am
nonenonenonenoneNew Stallion, needs trainingChris Taylor14 12-24-10  04:05 am
nonenonenonenoneFirst visit to the vet for AI collection: What to expect? Chris Taylor12-22-10  03:04 am
nonenonenoneFeel of the cervixKaren Knight13 08-19-10  03:18 am
nonenonenoneInseminating mares by your self????GLA Performance19 07-14-10  03:15 pm
nonenonenoneLavage question, help!Jos06-28-10  11:01 am
nonenonenoneEquine flushing/lavageJos06-22-10  09:27 am
nonenonenonePalpation questionCathy06-20-10  07:00 pm
nonenonenoneNo follicle when bredJos06-12-10  12:01 pm
nonenonenoneBreeding a second ovulation...Joan Bivin05-28-10  08:03 pm
nonenonenoneThoughts on "Settle"?Mabel05-17-10  06:01 pm
nonenonenoneDe-worming for early pregnant mares? WSTRNPLEASUREPAINTS05-15-10  10:20 pm
nonenonenoneHigh dose of HCG?Mabel05-08-10  11:34 am
nonenonenoneBSE questionJulie G04-25-10  12:45 pm
nonenonenoneQuestion about French AVJos23 04-08-10  10:54 am
nonenonenoneAnyone bought this make of hemocytometer...hedgerow farm03-29-10  12:28 pm
nonenonenoneUltrasound PicsMabel03-12-10  01:02 pm
nonenonenoneAirport hand luggage XRays & chilled semenJos03-11-10  10:06 pm
nonenonenoneUltra Sound Machines New or UsedJos03-11-10  10:01 pm
nonenonenoneMissouri AV problemJos02-01-10  09:11 am
nonenonenoneProgestorone or Not to Progesterone>??? RegimateTamela kelm11 12-29-09  06:08 pm
nonenonenonenonePhantom tip I discovered yesterdayChris Taylor12-18-09  02:18 pm
nonenonenoneCheap ultrasounds from ChinaJos12-17-09  05:45 pm
nonenonenoneWhatkinds of breeding dummies are people using ?Chris Taylor12-17-09  04:04 pm
nonenonenonenoneMy mare, is she too old?Cjskip21 08-18-09  03:42 am
nonenonenoneDeslorelin questionJulie G13 08-17-09  07:13 pm
nonenonenoneOral or Injectable ProgesteroneBarbara Lewis10 08-05-09  09:15 am
nonenonenoneAI vs Live Cover qualityBarbara Lewis14 07-30-09  03:01 pm
nonenonenoneCan/should a novice teach a young stallion to ground collect or sho...L Detweiler10 06-16-09  11:49 am
nonenonenoneCleaning reusable latex linersCarol K06-13-09  11:30 pm
nonenonenoneFirst time AI questionsHeather06-04-09  03:02 pm
nonenonenoneMare A/I'd Twice...what are chances she took?Jos05-27-09  11:20 pm
nonenonenoneAV questionSideshot Ranch05-07-09  09:38 am
nonenonenoneAI'ed mare and semen spilled back outSideshot Ranch11 05-04-09  05:58 pm
nonenonenoneUrine Clarity and EstrusBarbara Lewis16 05-01-09  08:33 pm
nonenonenoneHow tall will a foal mature at?????? QuestionsTara Jansen a[11 04-18-09  06:37 am
nonenonenoneBreeding Soundnes Exam/CertificateJos03-28-09  10:41 am
nonenonenoneStomach distress in pregnant mareBarbara Lewis03-28-09  02:10 am
nonenonenoneCaslicksJos19 03-27-09  03:36 pm
nonenonenoneOn-farm AI without ultrasound?Jos03-14-09  10:21 pm
nonenonenonePinching a twinEm03-14-09  03:05 pm
nonenonenoneTeasing MareDorthy Brown03-12-09  11:03 am
nonenonenoneWhere and When to teach ground collectionJos03-07-09  08:28 pm
nonenonenoneSperm Counters - Next GenerationChristy Morgan03-02-09  08:07 am
nonenonenoneSemen evaluation questions....Jos12-10-08  10:53 am
nonenonenonenoneHow long is chilled semen viable for after insemination?Jos10-28-08  10:33 am
nonenonenonenoneGELDING COVERING MAREJos09-29-08  09:10 pm
nonenonenoneYipes, in heat quickly!annie zurth09-04-08  07:01 pm
nonenonenoneLive Cover Breeding Dilemma-Emotional StallionBobbi Govro08-19-08  04:15 pm
nonenonenoneIs she or isn't sheJos08-15-08  12:24 pm
nonenonenoneInseminating twice in one dayJos12 08-14-08  12:41 pm
nonenonenonenoneCOPD mare adviceJos08-07-08  10:45 pm
nonenonenone"Reaction" to the extender...Jamie Anderson08-02-08  10:58 am
nonenonenonenoneAI question from several states awayJos08-01-08  10:55 am
nonenonenoneSIGNS OF HEAT AFTER AI BREEDINGMarilyn Lemke - Asia16 07-25-08  07:35 am
nonenonenoneCan a newly gelded stallion impregnate a mare?Jos07-21-08  08:57 am
nonenonenoneMare in heat/closed cervixJos07-07-08  10:44 pm
nonenonenoneHCG - what if the mare is already pregnant?Maureen06-23-08  09:50 pm
nonenonenoneQuestions about stallionBarbara Lewis12 06-22-08  12:21 pm
nonenonenoneFrustrationJos06-06-08  02:07 pm
nonenonenoneBreeding Maiden MaresJM06-05-08  06:10 pm
nonenonenoneCost of AI?Cjskip05-24-08  03:23 am
nonenonenoneNEED HELP...Stallion with Low Libido?Susan Barta05-23-08  12:57 am
nonenonenoneStallions first timeDorthy Brown16 05-20-08  12:39 pm
nonenonenoneKnee protection-friction burnsDarlyn Sandgren05-09-08  04:13 pm
nonenonenoneRebreeding after foalingclaudine benoit13 05-03-08  09:04 am
nonenonenoneHow to delay ovulation?Jos04-08-08  12:30 am
nonenonenonenoneFirst time breeding one of my horses...Melissa Brown03-12-08  03:49 pm
nonenonenonePost breeding flushJos01-17-08  02:54 pm
nonenonenoneGelding Mounting MaresOlivia Farmer44 01-05-08  11:12 pm
nonenonenoneColor GeneticsDaena Sawicki96 10-15-07  04:38 pm
nonenonenonePlease explain the AI process...Joyce09-14-07  11:14 pm
nonenonenoneDisposable liner tearS Owens08-20-07  08:03 pm
nonenonenonenoneBuilding Breeding StallAngel Portice07-31-07  06:56 pm
nonenonenoneMechanics of getting thawed semen into syringecarole whelan06-25-07  05:24 pm
nonenonenoneSaline Betadine Infusionsonia barr06-09-07  09:04 am
nonenonenoneI'm not sure about this....Jos06-07-07  11:01 pm
nonenonenoneCollecting and immediate InseminationJos06-01-07  10:52 pm
nonenonenoneBreeding with Lower Quality SemenJos05-21-07  07:16 pm
nonenonenonenoneSemen questionMood Swings05-20-07  10:31 am
nonenonenoneCost of A.I.??? Generally!!!!marie dooley05-17-07  09:16 am
nonenonenoneOvulationcathy Cook05-09-07  11:15 pm
nonenonenoneYoung stallion having trouble collectingJos05-09-07  06:17 pm
nonenonenoneHCG and fast ovulationcarole whelan11 05-08-07  02:58 pm
nonenonenoneFirst cover of the year.Jennifer Graef04-30-07  08:14 pm
nonenonenoneIn-hand or in-field plus other questions I should ask about the sta...Emma Newby04-29-07  05:19 am
nonenonenoneTests for mare?lindsey teel04-28-07  10:51 pm
nonenonenoneFrench INRA AV Q's....Jos04-28-07  12:21 am
nonenonenoneMaiden mare refusing to be bredcathy Cook04-25-07  12:30 am
nonenonenoneMare in constant heat?Jos04-14-07  10:39 pm
nonenonenoneAm I nuts to haul back and forth for live cover?Kelly Bowman04-12-07  09:11 pm
nonenonenonenoneManaging ovulation when semen is unavailableSaffron13 04-10-07  12:08 pm
nonenonenoneHCG Shots karen Umphryes04-08-07  08:38 am
nonenonenonenoneHow do I ? Jos04-02-07  10:46 am
nonenonenoneWhen to use Lutalyse....Jos04-02-07  10:34 am
nonenonenoneGetting mares in season!cathy Cook03-20-07  08:35 am
nonenonenoneHow much money is really needed?Dee12 03-06-07  11:28 pm
nonenonenoneInfusion PipetteJos02-17-07  11:36 pm
nonenonenoneFoliclesJos02-12-07  10:12 pm
nonenonenoneWhat semen extender to use?Teena Bain02-11-07  02:37 pm
nonenonenoneAI Know how wanted advice on inseminationTerry Waechter01-31-07  01:47 am
nonenonenoneEjaculate quality issue???vs AV not rightJos01-13-07  12:43 am
nonenonenoneTeasing a mare right before inseminatingJos01-13-07  12:31 am
nonenonenoneWhat's the chances of my mare being caught by my neighbors colt?Jos01-08-07  11:19 pm
nonenonenonenoneCollection/AI Issues with an Older Stallion????Jos11-22-06  09:48 pm
nonenonenonePicky stallionTeena Bain11-18-06  06:58 pm
nonenonenonenoneCollection stats on the stallion each collectionKassie Finley11-16-06  11:33 am
nonenonenoneBreeding questionJos36 11-15-06  10:10 pm
nonenonenoneBreeding Tips for Short stallion - Tall MareMary Anne Finley11-15-06  05:51 pm
nonenonenoneAI'ing mare, does this sound right?destny berwick15 11-12-06  06:10 pm
nonenonenoneLooking for an INRA AVJos11-07-06  04:34 pm
nonenonenoneProblems with two year old stallionSaucy11 09-26-06  10:04 am
nonenonenonenoneIs he old enough to breed?1destny berwick09-21-06  12:27 pm
nonenonenoneEncouraging ejaculation? HELPJos09-07-06  09:46 am
nonenonenoneExternal UltrasoundJos07-25-06  09:17 am
nonenonenoneEmbryo Size difference?Jos17 07-21-06  09:34 pm
nonenonenoneSize difference between stallion and mare--helpJos07-15-06  08:30 pm
nonenonenoneStallion Handler fee?ANNANOMUS07-03-06  10:21 pm
nonenonenoneLavaging solution - Alternatives?cathy Cook06-27-06  07:31 pm
nonenonenoneManual stimulationJos06-19-06  07:49 pm
nonenonenoneCollection problemsJos06-10-06  09:06 pm
nonenonenoneChances of EEDJos06-09-06  11:21 am
nonenonenoneDo you think she will conceive?Jan Owen06-05-06  12:07 am
nonenonenoneStallion not breeding?MJK05-30-06  03:03 pm
nonenonenonenoneHuman Pregnancy Tests...???Jos05-27-06  03:00 am
nonenonenonenoneStud's first breeding experience - HELP!Susannah Hart05-25-06  09:19 am
nonenonenoneBreeding on foal heat cycle(how long are they in foal heat cycle?)...J.R.Hamilton13 05-23-06  10:20 am
nonenonenonenoneTeasing a mare into early heat for live cover?Jill H05-17-06  06:56 pm
nonenonenoneP & E Dosage For Draft HorsesErica Max05-16-06  12:27 pm
nonenonenonenoneAnyone using Ovascan successfully?Sara Warner05-02-06  11:04 am
nonenonenoneAnyone use P&E post-foaling?Pita04-28-06  11:55 am
nonenonenonenoneFirst time breeding for me, mare and stallion!Mary Gordon04-20-06  03:05 pm
nonenonenoneConversions -- mm to...?Jos04-20-06  01:18 pm
nonenonenoneCell divisiontyra reeves03-30-06  09:52 am
nonenonenonenoneNew breeders here help!!!! how can i gt my stallion to show intresr...destiny03-23-06  08:01 pm
nonenonenoneNovice breeder here... a little help?destiny15 03-17-06  09:29 pm
nonenonenoneWater Volume for a Colorado AVAnne03-08-06  02:27 pm
nonenonenoneCycle regularityJos25 05-02-05  01:08 pm
nonenonenoneLeaving estrus before ovulating?Jos05-29-05  10:20 am
nonenonenoneShould A.I. be permitted in Thoroughbreds?Anonymous03-15-05  12:28 pm
nonenonenoneLavaging post ovulation &breeding - how many times?Jos05-31-05  11:26 pm
nonenonenoneBreeding steps?Jos28 02-16-06  11:44 pm
nonenonenoneMare in Foal injury and vet prescribe a bovine medicine for Topica...TSQH03-27-02  06:16 pm
nonenonenoneTreatment protocolJos10-17-00  06:35 am
nonenonenoneNever been bredPat Wiles06-07-05  09:44 pm
nonenonenoneOvulation and timing of inseminationMike C.04-21-03  10:53 pm
nonenonenoneDischarge after AIJos05-20-05  11:02 pm
nonenonenoneStallions first year standing - questionsapplewood04-04-02  12:54 pm
nonenonenoneCollecting & Inseminating on siteJos06-02-05  11:09 pm
nonenonenoneCan't find article on drug induced collection and deviceSheri Mose04-20-02  04:24 pm
nonenonenoneAbout ejaculationAnonymous05-24-04  06:03 pm
nonenonenoneAV sAnonymous03-29-03  12:44 am
nonenonenonenoneGround collecting woesKristin Berry06-15-04  06:41 pm
nonenonenoneSubmissive mare or phantom heat? Urinating to stallion a week after...Sammie06-30-03  12:02 pm
nonenonenoneWhat would you do?Anonymous07-10-03  07:42 am
nonenonenoneMare with foal will not stand for live coverJMB05-16-05  12:06 pm
nonenonenoneUrine poolingJos07-03-05  12:44 am
nonenonenoneWhat depth past the cervix with the pipette?Jos05-26-05  10:28 pm
nonenonenoneSmaller Mare / Large Stallion - potential foaling problems?Janet George05-23-04  08:09 am
nonenonenoneLightsAngela02-21-02  10:40 am
nonenonenoneAI Technician coursesJos03-01-04  09:57 pm
nonenonenoneEjaculating StallionAnonymous07-02-03  04:49 pm
nonenonenoneMyth or Truth??les joiner11 05-13-03  01:54 pm
nonenonenoneMare Owners rights?Liz02-01-04  01:20 pm
nonenonenoneMares Cycle all over the placeTX Breeder05-14-05  02:34 pm
nonenonenoneBlood during A.I. breedingJos06-22-02  09:10 am
nonenonenoneWhat Size Pole on the Power Pole Phantom??Jos05-10-01  04:02 pm
nonenonenoneSexed SpermAnonymous11-24-04  12:25 pm
nonenonenoneAssembling a Colorado AVAnonymous06-27-03  04:51 pm
nonenonenoneRecommendations for Stallion wash before BreedingAnonymous04-25-02  01:39 pm
nonenonenoneUrinate after breedingJos06-20-05  09:38 pm
nonenonenonenoneShot to Encourage ovulation?Anonymous05-11-04  09:13 pm
nonenonenoneGelding an older stallionAMR08-25-02  11:24 pm
nonenonenonenoneBreeding stocksGrullablue06-16-03  12:03 pm
nonenonenonePalpationCorry Christoff-Wils05-19-02  06:57 pm
nonenonenoneFoaling complicationsLRidgeway11-02-05  05:08 pm
nonenonenoneRegarding pasture breedingSheila01-05-04  10:53 pm
nonenonenone"Weaning" an old stallion from the phantom, teaching ground collect...Anonymous07-02-03  04:45 pm
nonenonenonenoneCold hose worked for us!Anonymous11-23-03  11:35 pm
nonenonenoneAI anatomy question???Jos06-26-02  11:37 am
nonenonenoneA I. in the United Kingdomrachel suttill03-15-01  11:31 am
nonenonenoneCollected Semen swimming backwardsapplewood04-04-02  01:16 pm
nonenonenoneAbnormal spermNoble Knight08-02-01  05:22 am
nonenonenoneLive Cover with Caslicks in?Jos04-06-04  02:26 pm
nonenonenoneGround collection of stallionsSammie39 08-12-04  05:01 pm
nonenonenonenoneHelp! Very DisInterested Stallion!Sandy D06-24-05  05:39 pm
nonenonenoneAdvice for the first time for a young stallionAnonymous09-29-04  07:18 pm
nonenonenoneWhen to use Lutylase to abortSandra05-12-04  07:48 pm
nonenonenoneAntibiotics use in high risk mare?Solo07-17-05  05:25 pm
nonenonenoneBreeding Maiden Mare AI with hormonesAnonymous05-03-04  12:31 pm
nonenonenoneWas my mare having a false heat?Jos04-24-03  02:01 am
nonenonenonePasture breedingBrooke03-03-06  10:11 am
nonenonenoneFrozen semen and the older mareMolly Armentrout03-05-06  01:03 am
nonenonenoneSigns that show a mare is in heat?Denise Owen03-01-06  11:44 am
nonenonenoneTeasing after breeding with AIJos02-23-06  08:26 pm
nonenonenoneSplit cycleJos02-21-06  11:57 pm
nonenonenoneHand breeding - need some tipsPita02-21-06  05:09 pm
nonenonenoneTeasing methods- what works best for you and why?Rousseau02-21-06  08:31 am
nonenonenoneTalk to me about the difference between frozen and fresh cooled sem...True Colours Farm02-11-06  08:44 pm
nonenonenone2 year oldKjersti Tackett02-01-06  11:03 am
nonenonenonenoneAdvice needed - mare owner wants to do a "walk on'' serve at the st...Lisa Weir12 02-01-06  05:29 am
nonenonenoneMare bled after live cover?Lisa Weir01-15-06  09:42 am
nonenonenoneWhen should the mares come?Anonymous01-10-06  09:57 am
nonenonenoneHow many times do you serve??Gynna Meiller10 11-26-05  01:06 pm
nonenonenoneEstrus SynchronizationCathy10-26-05  06:41 pm
nonenonenoneBreeding SeasonRonnie10-26-05  03:21 pm
nonenonenoneMethode? AI?Riley09-26-05  09:54 pm
nonenonenoneSulpiride vs DomperidoneAnonymous09-22-05  03:01 pm
nonenonenoneOvulation test kitsJos09-07-05  12:34 pm
nonenonenoneShipped Semen...Christie Miller09-01-05  01:13 pm
nonenonenoneFirst Time AILRidgeway08-25-05  02:39 pm
nonenonenoneCan Lutalyse cause an opposite affect in bringing a mare into heat?Jos08-11-05  01:58 pm
nonenonenoneNumber of times a stallion can cover...Jos08-10-05  08:25 am
nonenonenoneUltrasound showing open mare when she is bredLisa Weir08-10-05  08:19 am
nonenonenoneA novice at this..D A Taylor08-06-05  02:37 am
nonenonenoneOxytocin article - questions about the protocolJennifer07-26-05  11:15 pm
nonenonenoneAI post ovulationMaddie07-19-05  12:13 pm
nonenonenonePre breeding oxytocinAnonymous07-12-05  10:06 am
nonenonenoneDeep horn endoscopic inseminationSolo07-04-05  02:33 am
nonenonenonePost-ovulation breedingAnne06-24-05  02:32 pm
nonenonenoneQuestion re" timing "for breeding older maiden TB mareTX Breeder06-18-05  03:25 pm
nonenonenoneOxytocinteb06-09-05  01:33 pm
nonenonenoneSix stages that the stallion......????LRidgeway06-08-05  06:49 pm
nonenonenoneThree Main Methods?Margie Singleton06-07-05  10:58 pm
nonenonenonePreparing Mares for Breeding Season - nutritionPat Wiles06-07-05  09:48 pm
nonenonenoneIs pasture breeding OK?terri lynn17 06-02-05  04:10 pm
nonenonenoneHCGJos11 05-13-05  12:58 am
nonenonenoneNew mare injection called "Settle"Jos04-28-05  12:47 am
nonenonenoneGender of foal- who decides mare or stallion?Jos04-26-05  12:53 am
nonenonenone14 days of regumate to bring mare in season?AllEquine03-23-05  09:43 pm
nonenonenoneProtecting my Mare during Live went well enough thoughTX Breeder03-17-05  05:48 pm
nonenonenoneMare takes very well live cover, won't take AI. Why??TX Breeder03-14-05  02:05 pm
nonenonenoneFrench AV linersJos02-27-05  06:31 pm
nonenonenoneEquitanersCindy10-26-04  04:07 pm
nonenonenonePlanning for next spring!Sandy09-15-04  07:28 pm
nonenonenoneLive cover breeding hits snafusAnonymous07-14-04  02:36 pm
nonenonenoneBreeding phantom with built-in AVAnonymous07-06-04  12:39 am
nonenonenoneExtension question -- 4 to 1 ??? Jennifer06-11-04  12:48 pm
nonenonenoneCost Of ultrsound?Anonymous05-24-04  11:55 pm
nonenonenoneAnyone ever tried an ovulation detector, such as Ovascan?Anonymous05-23-04  01:06 am
nonenonenoneOvascan?Anonymous05-23-04  01:02 am
nonenonenoneCollecting and shipping - getting started on the most basic levelJos05-18-04  10:15 pm
nonenonenonenoneIs Ultrasound for Ovulation Accurate?Jos04-25-04  08:26 pm
nonenonenonenoneBreeding to stallion with 45% qualityJos04-25-04  11:35 am
nonenonenonenoneTo ship semen or not to ship semenMelissa Wise04-12-04  05:28 pm
nonenonenoneDose and brand of HCG?Jos03-31-04  10:08 pm
nonenonenoneBest way to cycle mares....Jos03-12-04  01:36 am
nonenonenoneBreeding exam on a Maiden Mare.Becky R02-29-04  01:31 pm
nonenonenonePregnancy Test?Jos02-20-04  10:27 pm
nonenonenoneWhat are the different methods of breeding?Liz02-01-04  01:12 pm
nonenonenoneHemorhagic FollicleJos08-03-03  12:05 am
nonenonenoneCan someone answer this?maritime roper08-02-03  11:59 pm
nonenonenonenoneMares Urine Smell in season or out?Natty Dread07-17-03  07:14 pm
nonenonenoneWhen to start teasing again after live coverJos05-14-03  01:55 pm
nonenonenoneTrying to avoid weekend AIAnonymous05-14-03  11:15 am
nonenonenoneOvulation timingles joiner05-13-03  02:00 pm
nonenonenoneTeasing ProblemsLes Joiner05-13-03  01:44 pm
nonenonenoneOvulation QuestionsAnonymous05-09-03  01:43 am
nonenonenoneMare not covered until last day of standing heat.....Anonymous05-09-03  01:09 am
nonenonenoneStocks for ground collecting stallionPrue04-01-03  12:32 am
nonenonenoneCan she be pregnant?Anonymous01-31-03  12:02 pm
nonenonenoneHOW EFFECTIVE IS FROZEN SEMEN -- REALLY?? JOS??Anonymous01-29-03  06:05 pm
nonenonenoneTriplets - how common are they??Pam01-24-03  08:46 pm
nonenonenoneHow long should i wait?barrelracer_26112-27-02  09:18 pm
nonenonenoneMares cycles in the Northwest??ELizabeth Hardy10-04-02  05:32 pm
nonenonenoneWho here has built the Power Pole Phantom??Bennett07-19-02  02:35 pm
nonenonenonePasture breedingAnonymous07-15-02  01:40 pm
nonenonenoneDo you inseminate on a less than 4 follicle?Jess07-15-02  10:18 am
nonenonenoneVaginal RuptureELizabeth Hardy06-18-02  11:19 am
nonenonenoneInfertile Stallionhorsey gal!05-27-02  03:40 pm
nonenonenoneSuper OvulationJos04-08-02  09:57 pm
nonenonenoneWhat is ground Collection?Anonymous04-04-02  11:18 pm
nonenonenoneMare Skipping Foal Heat-How common is it?Anonymous03-27-02  03:39 pm
nonenonenoneMathematical Genetics ( The Highnoon Breeding Theory)Christine03-26-02  10:23 pm
nonenonenoneREDUCING GEL IN SEMEN COLLECTIONgrullablue03-23-02  09:18 am
nonenonenoneSetting up a breeding barn...need suggestions!grullablue03-23-02  08:44 am
nonenonenoneBREEDING AND RIDING A MAREElizabeth Hardy03-21-02  02:56 pm
nonenonenoneMare still in Heat 8 Days!! Applewood03-20-02  04:25 pm
nonenonenoneLive Cover Help again.....Robert Englan03-05-02  10:11 am
nonenonenoneHas anyone ever had this happen?Robert Engand03-05-02  10:03 am
nonenonenoneHeat cycle after foal heatTumbleweed03-02-02  09:58 am
nonenonenoneBreeding farm(is it ok to post here?there are no other forms for th...ronnie02-03-02  11:06 am
nonenonenoneOvulation timindlorrie06-13-01  11:04 pm
nonenonenoneKicking mareAnonymous05-30-01  11:54 pm
nonenonenoneDoes any one have plans for a breeding stanchion?Teresa P. Schwab05-29-01  07:36 pm
nonenonenoneFirst Time Live Cover Advice...PLEASEKelly05-27-01  06:03 pm
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