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nonenonenoneColorado A/V Kit - New to this!hedgerow pony farm05-29-12  07:11 pm
nonenonenonenoneDead sperm in first time collectionJos04-17-12  12:06 am
nonenonenoneStallion won't drop for breeding....Jos03-27-12  05:23 pm
nonenonenoneStallion ejaculate questionsheila kelleher03-22-12  09:13 am
nonenonenoneCant get mares in foalJos03-13-12  03:13 pm
nonenonenoneNo testiclesJos02-16-12  10:26 am
nonenonenoneStallion had low sperm counts, but 6 months off regumate numbers ar...Jan H17 07-26-11  01:27 pm
nonenonenoneWhich extenders should I test on my stallions?Jos01-26-12  09:33 pm
nonenonenoneOpinions on turn outDorthy Brown01-26-12  11:26 am
nonenonenoneCryptorchid stallionJos34 01-22-12  11:36 am
nonenonenoneSeems to be an impossible stallion situation. Please help!Diana Gilger01-16-12  08:21 pm
nonenonenoneNo libido???Jos01-11-12  09:07 pm
nonenonenone Ever wonder how the big TB stud farms do it.hedgerow pony farm11-28-11  09:03 am
nonenonenonenoneStud colt with only one testicleJos09-19-11  04:33 pm
nonenonenoneThe situation with my boyDiana Gilger08-15-11  10:25 pm
nonenonenoneShipping semen with low progressive motilityhedgerow pony farm07-25-11  10:35 pm
nonenonenonePerformance stallion's and breeding...Jos07-07-11  07:14 pm
nonenonenonenoneEVA test problems after EHV1.4 vaccine?? Advice pleaseJos06-05-10  04:13 am
nonenonenoneStallion Difficult To Handlehedgerow pony farm06-21-11  11:43 pm
nonenonenoneA stupid question, Stallion being collected is super quick. is this...Jan H06-21-11  08:25 am
nonenonenoneHow to promote a stallion.Jan H06-18-11  10:23 pm
nonenonenoneEffects of aging on semenJos06-10-11  09:48 pm
nonenonenonenoneYearling colt with no palpatable testiclesCheryl Mondry06-08-11  09:34 am
nonenonenoneDismounting too early??hidden lake stable06-06-11  09:43 pm
nonenonenoneShipping semen from Canada to USRowena S.06-02-11  10:49 am
nonenonenoneCollecting our stallion at home for the 1st time TODAY~HELP PLSDenise Gainey04-26-11  10:39 am
nonenonenoneVolume of Ejaculate?? What causes this Chris11 04-26-11  04:18 am
nonenonenoneColt's attitudeRowena S.04-18-11  10:05 am
nonenonenoneBreeding Issue with a Mini StudAngela Barbour04-17-11  02:28 pm
nonenonenoneGelding an aged stallion?Jos03-28-11  11:17 pm
nonenonenoneThird testicle and fertility?Jos10 03-04-11  08:41 pm
nonenonenoneTesticles questionJos02-16-11  06:30 pm
nonenonenoneCresty NeckChristi Christoffers01-23-11  10:30 pm
nonenonenoneQ's about in hand covering, semen life etcTina Bowling12 01-05-11  07:05 pm
nonenonenoneStallion Withdrawing TesticalsLarisa Stogsdill12-20-10  09:57 pm
nonenonenoneQ about keeping weanlings/coming yearlingsDiana Gilger12-17-10  09:32 am
nonenonenonenoneStallion seems Bored?Tina12-15-10  11:16 pm
nonenonenoneQuestion about gelding a yearling coltholly paffett11-22-10  07:28 am
nonenonenonenoneWithdrawn testiclesJos11-09-10  09:59 am
nonenonenoneEVA TestJos10-11-10  04:49 am
nonenonenonePlease critique this coltAudrey Crosby McLell13 09-19-10  12:38 am
nonenonenone2 yr old stud with 1 'nut'katy copper09-16-10  02:55 pm
nonenonenoneStallion Semen incompatibly with MareJos09-10-10  06:27 pm
nonenonenoneTesticular developmentLivo09-09-10  04:51 pm
nonenonenoneCryptorchid 2 yr oldJos09-01-10  03:33 pm
nonenonenoneWell-endowed StallionJos08-11-10  06:06 pm
nonenonenoneExtension issueCathy08-07-10  09:06 pm
nonenonenoneAdvice for sheath cleaning on stallion w/out much handlingRAS07-31-10  07:11 pm
nonenonenoneProblems with current breeding set up HELP PLEASEDiana Gilger07-06-10  11:22 pm
nonenonenoneExcessive urination?ahna cafaro06-21-10  10:31 pm
nonenonenoneFearful Stallionhedgerow farm06-07-10  10:21 pm
nonenonenoneKinda off topic but need help with fencing laws for stallionsPam Romjue06-05-10  05:29 pm
nonenonenoneNext Generation Extender helpJos05-28-10  04:50 am
nonenonenoneHelp needed please with Stallion unable to penetratehedgerow farm05-21-10  05:45 pm
nonenonenonenoneStallion went from amazing semen to all dead...hedgerow farm05-13-10  03:01 pm
nonenonenoneCo-op a QuickCheck sperm countermaggie Hale05-05-10  10:13 am
nonenonenoneA Semen Extender Questionhedgerow farm04-25-10  12:30 pm
nonenonenoneAge of Colt / Stallion to use ratio. Please help JosJos04-16-10  10:16 am
nonenonenoneNeed advice, Bruised testiclehedgerow farm04-10-10  06:03 pm
nonenonenone2yo stallion...not really interested in mounting...helpChaz04-08-10  05:16 pm
nonenonenoneQuestion regarding stallion penetrationDiana Gilger04-03-10  10:15 pm
nonenonenoneStallion has no interest in breeding?Jos03-29-10  11:22 pm
nonenonenoneStallion Lead from Jos??Jos03-18-10  07:48 pm
nonenonenoneBaby daddys for 2010, who have you chosen?Terry Waechter P.R.E03-16-10  11:55 pm
nonenonenoneChecking the PH in semenhedgerow farm03-15-10  02:56 pm
nonenonenoneEVA positive stallionJos03-09-10  12:55 pm
nonenonenonenonePHANTOM BREEDING VS GROUND COLLECTINGK.W.03-08-10  04:59 pm
nonenonenoneQuestion about training 4 yr old Welsh /TB to collecthedgerow farm03-08-10  04:02 pm
nonenonenoneN/H semen ExtenderSindy Twedt03-03-10  07:25 pm
nonenonenoneSemen Shelf life Fresh or ChilledJos03-03-10  04:28 pm
nonenonenonePicky StallionJos02-12-10  10:02 am
nonenonenonenoneGood Questions for Mare Owner to AskAnn01-26-10  07:19 pm
nonenonenonePoor libido stallionJos01-11-10  04:56 am
nonenonenoneIs he stud horse worthy?Jan H17 12-08-09  08:34 am
nonenonenoneShould stallion be culturedcarole whelan11-12-09  01:48 pm
nonenonenonenoneWhat type of stallion do you own?Alexandra Shroyer138 11-09-09  10:00 am
nonenonenoneIs it easy to train a stallion to AI after doing LC?Jos11-07-09  04:22 am
nonenonenoneStallion owners - best advertisement? SuggestionsChristi Christoffers11-03-09  12:09 pm
nonenonenonenoneStallions age deciding foals sex????Tina11-01-09  07:33 pm
nonenonenonenoneSwollen testicle?Diana Gilger09-02-09  12:36 pm
nonenonenoneTunnel visioned stallion not paying attentionSamantha10 08-23-09  12:09 am
nonenonenoneIs this stallion's quality good enough for breeding?Cjskip13 08-18-09  03:54 am
nonenonenoneStallion refuses to cover mareJos07-15-09  10:14 am
nonenonenonePH Levels and the Sex of the FoalsCarol07-10-09  04:04 pm
nonenonenoneGetting semen from USA to Canada, experiances?Jos07-02-09  01:43 am
nonenonenonenone2 year old and weightMaree Ingemi10 06-24-09  10:29 am
nonenonenonenoneWhat am I feeling? Testicle or ?Daniatallequine06-19-09  11:27 am
nonenonenoneThird testicle possible?amanda hewitt06-17-09  09:53 pm
nonenonenoneStallion DroppingCarol K06-12-09  06:53 pm
nonenonenonenoneIs he worth the price? Mary Greer20 06-10-09  12:26 am
nonenonenonenoneStallion"losing his load " after dismountingJos06-08-09  03:06 pm
nonenonenonenoneQuestionAngela Barbour06-05-09  08:10 pm
nonenonenonenonePossible Fertility Issues with my Stallion. Please help.Jennifer Seaman05-30-09  08:58 am
nonenonenoneShould stallion be cleaned before breedingJos05-22-09  08:16 pm
nonenonenoneMore problemsJean-Marc Perron05-20-09  09:45 am
nonenonenoneConcentration w/Quick CheckTerri Forrest05-18-09  06:46 pm
nonenonenoneStallion's testicles up too high?DTQH05-16-09  02:42 pm
nonenonenoneJOS, HELP PLEASE? STALLION FERTILITY ISSUEDiana Gilger05-15-09  01:04 am
nonenonenoneHelpJean-Marc Perron19 05-11-09  10:51 am
nonenonenoneNeed info Cjskip05-06-09  05:10 pm
nonenonenonePenis InjuryCjskip05-06-09  05:05 pm
nonenonenoneDropping TesticlesLinda Bauer --Rebel 04-16-09  09:36 am
nonenonenonenoneStallions mounting Geldings !!!!!Adel04-12-09  03:03 pm
nonenonenoneStallion not "finishing"Jos03-18-09  12:56 pm
nonenonenonenoneSemen PH levelsJamie Anderson03-09-09  09:56 am
nonenonenone"Manners"Chris Taylor13 02-16-09  04:13 pm
nonenonenoneBute...negative impact on fertility?Jos02-15-09  08:39 pm
nonenonenoneBreeding mount problemsJos02-15-09  08:35 pm
nonenonenoneCalming supplements for studsChris Taylor02-15-09  04:15 am
nonenonenoneHow long do you have to collect....Chris Taylor02-14-09  01:45 pm
nonenonenone4 Year old StallionChris Taylor02-14-09  01:23 pm
nonenonenoneNormal testicle size for draft stallion?Melissa Brown01-26-09  02:54 pm
nonenonenoneLooking for info please helpDiana Gilger01-16-09  10:20 pm
nonenonenoneLights and StallionsDee Jay12 01-13-09  10:03 pm
nonenonenonenoneSweaty StallionJos01-07-09  05:59 pm
nonenonenonenoneWhich One Do I Pick...???Samantha01-06-09  05:38 pm
nonenonenoneEVA vaccineDee Jay17 01-06-09  08:14 am
nonenonenoneCremello fertility issuesDee Jay01-04-09  11:17 pm
nonenonenoneLooking for a Barrell Racing Stallion in Ontario, Canada..anyone kn...Dee Jay01-04-09  11:06 pm
nonenonenoneStallion collectionDee Jay01-04-09  11:01 pm
nonenonenoneSheath and penis cleaningMichele12-28-08  03:22 am
nonenonenoneFrustrated ON Mini Mule Colt..Diana Gilger12-27-08  10:39 pm
nonenonenoneColt Foal / sTALLIONSTerry Waechter lady 10 12-17-08  10:25 pm
nonenonenoneSelenium injectionJamie Anderson10-21-08  01:14 pm
nonenonenoneSize change in Testicles?Jos10-17-08  12:32 am
nonenonenoneLong term effects of over breeding?Amanda Mitchell10 10-09-08  09:07 pm
nonenonenoneHelp cryptiod stallionJenni Luttrell10-01-08  08:12 pm
nonenonenoneDirty Stallions - In hand vs. PastureAmanda Mitchell14 09-25-08  12:01 am
nonenonenoneStallion RingsJenni Luttrell09-17-08  12:16 am
nonenonenoneNew here with a few q's...corina gabel08-26-08  01:08 pm
nonenonenoneYearling colt "gags" when near stallionBobbi Govro14 08-05-08  09:21 am
nonenonenoneNew colt owner - people consider my horse dangerouscorina gabel17 07-31-08  12:48 am
nonenonenoneColt breeding but he's got nothing! questionJenni Luttrell07-28-08  09:59 am
nonenonenoneBiting stallionJen11 07-15-08  06:17 pm
nonenonenoneStallion not ejaculatingJos07-10-08  05:06 pm
nonenonenone3 yr old Colt tried to kill 3 day old colt. WHY?Beth07-07-08  12:55 am
nonenonenoneEVA QueryJos06-23-08  08:38 pm
nonenonenonenoneEjaculate color...HELPJos06-23-08  03:18 pm
nonenonenoneAllergies anahystamines stallion fertilityJos06-20-08  04:17 pm
nonenonenoneHIGH TEMP!!!Beth Hyman06-17-08  12:30 am
nonenonenonenoneOk i would like some thoughts on my listingAnney Daugherty16 06-15-08  04:30 pm
nonenonenonenoneI FINALLY GOT MY STUDLY PICUTRES DONEAnney Daugherty13 06-15-08  03:47 pm
nonenonenoneStallion's first timeTracy Smith13 06-14-08  04:19 pm
nonenonenoneChemical CollectionJos10 06-12-08  09:15 pm
nonenonenoneCentrifuged semenJos06-08-08  11:59 am
nonenonenone8 yrs old stallion's testicla goes up & downJos06-07-08  10:03 pm
nonenonenoneANYONE IN OKC WITH GOOD REPRO VET? Becky Schulz06-07-08  05:53 pm
nonenonenoneStallion mounting but not becoming erectDorthy Brown06-05-08  08:52 pm
nonenonenoneCan a 3 yr old stallion (never bred) tell when mare is getting clos...Jos06-02-08  12:52 pm
nonenonenoneMini StallionTracy Smith, Tali du05-27-08  08:24 pm
nonenonenoneEnd of a "Dynasty"?Bobbi Govro05-15-08  06:24 pm
nonenonenoneStallion to Gelding Penis Difference , Why?Cathy05-15-08  11:27 am
nonenonenoneAnY ADVICE JOS?Diana Gilger16 05-05-08  12:04 am
nonenonenoneI know... Another crypt questionAndrea Barnes11 04-26-08  01:33 am
nonenonenoneExtreme Concern 3yr old StallionJos04-25-08  11:02 am
nonenonenoneKeeping weight on a breeding stallion?Samantha04-22-08  12:18 am
nonenonenoneBooking fee question?Catherine Owen04-18-08  02:06 pm
nonenonenoneAggression in our stallionTracy Smith, Tali du19 04-11-08  02:43 pm
nonenonenoneWriting a stallion evalAsh Rowen04-04-08  07:42 pm
nonenonenonenoneGround collection problem...Phyllis Schroder03-31-08  08:46 pm
nonenonenoneHelp with teasingBonny11 03-29-08  02:35 pm
nonenonenonenoneNewbie needs some infoSamantha03-10-08  12:01 am
nonenonenoneSEMEN EVALUATIONJENNIFER CASWELL03-04-08  08:19 pm
nonenonenoneStallion owners..... advice?Samantha03-03-08  02:52 am
nonenonenoneTesticles droppingLori Schaich14 02-27-08  10:03 pm
nonenonenoneCollecting urine of mare in estrus for training stallionHeather Cooke11 02-24-08  06:19 pm
nonenonenoneWhat's this for?casallc13 02-24-08  11:38 am
nonenonenonenoneNaughty coltTracy Smith, Tali du65 02-07-08  11:30 am
nonenonenone2YO Colt - Improving Quality SemenBelinda01-21-08  06:30 am
nonenonenoneI have a Gelding Question Tracy Smith, Tali du13 01-16-08  03:15 pm
nonenonenoneA few questionscorina gabel01-15-08  09:14 pm
nonenonenoneCollection basics and equipment neededTracy Smith, Tali du01-09-08  01:20 am
nonenonenonenoneStud pedigree helpJenni Luttrell01-05-08  04:46 pm
nonenonenoneColt with both testicles but one is smallercorina gabel01-05-08  01:32 am
nonenonenoneGelding a retired breeding stallionJos11-19-07  04:47 pm
nonenonenonenoneColored stallions PollSaleste Clark30 11-19-07  11:21 am
nonenonenonenoneThe DNA is falling apart? What?Squatting_Spur11-11-07  11:30 am
nonenonenonenoneFeed question-er againCoco Tingler10-24-07  11:21 am
nonenonenoneStallion with odd hind leg problemHeather Cooke10 10-21-07  12:43 pm
nonenonenonenoneTo Geld or not to geld...Jen12 09-28-07  08:19 pm
nonenonenoneShould this guy be gelded?Jos09-22-07  01:40 pm
nonenonenonenoneGood business?Jen09-18-07  05:46 pm
nonenonenoneStallion biting while breedingPita09-11-07  03:25 pm
nonenonenoneShipping protocolJennifer S08-09-07  07:54 pm
nonenonenoneCranky teething stallionDebbie Burnett07-24-07  09:45 pm
nonenonenonePseudomonas in sperm collection Victoria K Kinder07-23-07  04:28 pm
nonenonenoneSerious help needed for stallion that wont breed!Pita07-19-07  12:10 pm
nonenonenoneStallion has erection but won't mount the mareJos07-08-07  12:48 am
nonenonenonenoneShould I be worried yet?Megan A Brown14 01-23-07  04:23 pm
nonenonenoneGelding an Older StallionMary Ann Allen07-03-07  06:20 am
nonenonenonenone3 month old colt with one testicle droppedHeather Cooke06-29-07  04:18 pm
nonenonenoneTeasing!cathy Cook06-28-07  07:25 pm
nonenonenoneCorrect feeding of a yearling coltPita06-27-07  11:45 am
nonenonenoneWhat size AV missouri do I need?Jos06-20-07  09:01 pm
nonenonenonenoneStallion jealous ????Jos06-18-07  05:40 pm
nonenonenoneLittle colt with big mare?C Carner06-07-07  03:18 pm
nonenonenoneAnyone Familiar with Evitex?(Hormonise)Wendy Wessels06-07-07  02:35 pm
nonenonenonenoneHow early do colts become fertile?Daniel Crouse06-02-07  03:06 pm
nonenonenonenoneHigh concentration/Low MotilityJos05-31-07  10:15 pm
nonenonenoneLeasing out StallionsEmily West05-28-07  06:06 pm
nonenonenoneHelp fractionating semenJos05-16-07  11:36 pm
nonenonenonenoneDont laugh but do stallions testicles really go up in the sack in t...Jos05-11-07  09:18 pm
nonenonenoneLump on TesticlesJos05-08-07  09:31 pm
nonenonenoneSwellings of testicles/scrotumJos04-16-07  02:47 am
nonenonenonenoneWhy isnt my stallion wanting anything to do with mares in heat? PL...Crystal Gerszewski04-03-07  02:58 pm
nonenonenone1 year old and momDianne Edwards04-01-07  10:30 pm
nonenonenoneLimp penisJenni Luttrell03-15-07  01:20 pm
nonenonenonenone4 yr.old won't breed!!Jos10 03-13-07  11:57 am
nonenonenonenoneNew user w/ProblemLisa D.20 03-05-07  12:00 pm
nonenonenoneExporting semen from the US to CanadaJos03-05-07  11:46 am
nonenonenoneStallion Breeding Soundness Evaluation -failure to performMichele03-01-07  02:32 pm
nonenonenonePurchasing a stallionJenni Luttrell03-01-07  03:50 am
nonenonenoneAggressive 3yr old stallionJenni Luttrell36 02-26-07  01:20 pm
nonenonenoneCan 15h stallion breed 16h mareDorthy Brown02-21-07  03:38 pm
nonenonenoneStallion Station in Eastern Ontario?Debbie Burnett02-03-07  09:34 am
nonenonenonenoneGeneral Question about StallionsMegan A Brown01-26-07  03:06 pm
nonenonenoneFertility after geldingDanielle01-26-07  02:38 pm
nonenonenoneTrouble settling maresOmar Sakr01-13-07  11:27 am
nonenonenoneHow young can you safely cut a coltMagic124 01-07-07  12:05 pm
nonenonenoneStallion EjaculatingJos21 11-16-06  12:00 pm
nonenonenonenoneYoung stallion, new to breeding owner! questions..destny berwick11-12-06  06:12 pm
nonenonenoneStallions performance destny berwick11-11-06  09:40 pm
nonenonenoneContagious equine metritis in the United States Deena10-18-06  07:45 am
nonenonenonenoneColt coming on tree years old , not droopped yet!!!!!!!!!destny berwick10-10-06  08:24 pm
nonenonenoneFertility In TwinsJos10-02-06  07:44 pm
nonenonenonePony acting like a studSarah H09-29-06  01:40 am
nonenonenoneBreeding injuryJos09-26-06  11:34 pm
nonenonenoneDomosedan effects on stallionJos09-21-06  12:55 am
nonenonenonenoneEVA in stallionsJos09-06-06  11:57 pm
nonenonenoneUsing Regumate on stallionsCarmen08-14-06  04:12 pm
nonenonenone2 year old Biting StallionCindy Moore17 08-07-06  06:39 pm
nonenonenonenone17 Month old colt in barn with EVA outbreakMichelle Taylor08-06-06  09:00 pm
nonenonenoneStallion AI Contracts ?delia Kramer08-03-06  11:54 am
nonenonenonenoneHow many mares can a stallion breed in one day?Dee07-30-06  11:51 pm
nonenonenoneAged stallionlynsey07-26-06  08:08 am
nonenonenone2 yr old stallion- ground collecting?Jos07-21-06  11:46 am
nonenonenoneStallion careJos07-11-06  01:33 pm
nonenonenoneStallion handler fee?ANNANOMUS07-08-06  10:17 pm
nonenonenoneStallion Not Really InterestedFaye Gallagher06-27-06  06:22 am
nonenonenoneAlmost 3 yrs old-no spermVeronique Dumas06-30-06  12:11 pm
nonenonenoneSemen ProblemHope Parr06-25-06  04:56 am
nonenonenoneStallion HeightDiane Gatlin06-18-06  08:57 pm
nonenonenoneOlder stallionsJos06-15-06  09:04 pm
nonenonenoneBreeding to mares.Emma06-15-06  08:34 pm
nonenonenone2 year old colt, palpated showing one small testicleGynna Meiller06-10-06  09:55 pm
nonenonenonenoneSudden death in horsesJos05-31-06  05:24 pm
nonenonenoneFertility after castration??AG05-31-06  11:25 am
nonenonenoneStalllion fertility/strangles questionTracy05-27-06  11:27 pm
nonenonenoneProud Cut- Cryptorchid- Fertile or Not?Jos05-27-06  06:39 pm
nonenonenoneOld stallionJenny Montgomery05-25-06  01:07 am
nonenonenonenoneWhen can i breed??destiny b05-23-06  10:29 pm
nonenonenonenoneHow young can a stallion breedJenn05-23-06  08:25 pm
nonenonenoneNatural Stallion ManagementMegan A Brown12 05-22-06  10:45 am
nonenonenoneWill a stallion cover a mare that is already pregnant?lisa murray05-22-06  09:28 am
nonenonenonenoneSticky SituationJan Owen05-16-06  01:58 am
nonenonenoneFencing for colt, requirements for stallionDebbie Burnett30 05-15-06  10:19 pm
nonenonenone26 yr old stallionJos05-14-06  04:48 pm
nonenonenoneFainting stallionFaye Gallagher05-14-06  06:40 am
nonenonenoneQuestion for JosJos05-12-06  01:43 pm
nonenonenoneIs it ever ok for stallion to nip mare?Kim k05-10-06  11:58 am
nonenonenonenoneStud With a FeverMegan A Brown10 05-09-06  12:59 am
nonenonenoneCrypt Gelding or normal?Jos04-25-06  02:28 pm
nonenonenoneSac hasn't dropped.zipster04-11-06  05:32 pm
nonenonenoneStallion who doesnt act like oneElizabethTaulbee04-06-06  04:39 pm
nonenonenoneUrine in ejaculateJos04-01-06  12:55 pm
nonenonenoneHow old before testicles drop?Jos04-01-06  04:07 am
nonenonenoneHow do you keep weight on a young stallion?Dancing Sparrow03-30-06  04:27 pm
nonenonenonenoneAggressive StallionDanielle Roosen-Rung11 03-20-06  11:43 pm
nonenonenoneWhat is a good price to ask for a stud colt?SDS11 03-18-06  12:41 pm
nonenonenoneStallion breeding problemJos03-17-06  01:23 pm
nonenonenoneCollecting stallions before ridingLauren Dixon03-14-06  06:38 pm
nonenonenonenoneHow much time between mares?Jos03-10-06  11:21 pm
nonenonenoneDoes anyone know approx. how much sperm is ejaculated?Elise Krueger17 03-10-06  09:40 am
nonenonenonenoneGelding older poniesApril Scott18 03-08-06  09:42 pm
nonenonenoneHormone therapy for retained testicle, does it work?Sandy08-29-04  01:32 pm
nonenonenonenoneStressed Stallion Loosing Weight Fast and Pacing Hooves OffDeborah Corff11-04-05  01:57 pm
nonenonenonenoneStallion Cow Hocked.. Hereditory???Naiza02-02-05  05:05 pm
nonenonenoneFertility ProblemAnonymous02-07-05  12:02 am
nonenonenoneQuestion of ejaculationD. Spink @ Exitpoint05-31-04  05:20 pm
nonenonenoneWaiting GameJay10-14-04  11:26 pm
nonenonenonenoneDissappearing testicle??Dani05-29-04  01:00 pm
nonenonenonenoneHow often should I collect my stallion?Jos05-10-04  09:41 pm
nonenonenonenone30+yrs in horses....1st time Stud ownerAnonymous01-10-05  10:18 pm
nonenonenoneStallion Perfomance - Quantative BreedingLisa Weir10-31-05  07:37 am
nonenonenoneIn need of Breeding StocksTX Breeder05-25-05  12:30 pm
nonenonenoneStud urinates on mare's manureuforia08-26-05  12:31 pm
nonenonenoneHelp with yearling coltteb11 07-04-05  01:29 pm
nonenonenonenoneStud will not breedG Blaze08-22-05  03:00 pm
nonenonenoneOverly Aggressive Three Month Old Colt...Lauren Dixon19 03-06-06  02:34 pm
nonenonenoneHow early can a colt breedSandy08-19-03  05:32 pm
nonenonenonenoneBuying an Aged Stallion? What to Check?Jade Estrada03-25-04  11:13 am
nonenonenoneColor preferance in StallionsLaurie Ridgeway05-03-05  05:39 pm
nonenonenoneStallion quitting before ejaculationBoard Admin11 09-11-05  09:02 pm
nonenonenoneMalnutrition causing problems?Jessie12-26-04  11:30 am
nonenonenoneSperm count and motilitycisco03-05-06  09:56 pm
nonenonenoneSTUD COLT RUBBING HIS FUR OFFmelissa02-24-06  03:00 pm
nonenonenonenoneStallions next to each otherDancing Sparrow02-24-06  12:27 pm
nonenonenonePre-breeding culturesJune Eberhardt02-22-06  11:30 am
nonenonenoneStallion mannersKim k02-21-06  06:33 pm
nonenonenoneInjured StallionG Blaze02-05-06  09:35 pm
nonenonenoneBuying a second stallionJ.R.Hamilton01-25-06  08:11 pm
nonenonenonenoneTestes shrunk?? help!G Blaze01-23-06  05:24 pm
nonenonenoneDetermin Height in a colEmma01-19-06  10:09 pm
nonenonenonePasture Breeding A Young StallionKelly Allen01-19-06  12:10 pm
nonenonenoneCost of gelding?Anonymous01-17-06  02:21 pm
nonenonenoneHeight problems for a small stud..Lisa Weir01-15-06  10:42 am
nonenonenoneYearling Stud feeding plan?Lisa Weir12 01-15-06  10:38 am
nonenonenoneCryptorchidTerri Berwanger16 01-13-06  12:53 pm
nonenonenoneYoung Stud running with empty BroodmaresRenee12-13-05  11:12 pm
nonenonenoneAgressive StudEGrein12-13-05  08:02 pm
nonenonenoneErgently needed answerSandy D12-04-05  12:34 pm
nonenonenoneImportation of stallionJ.R.Hamilton12-02-05  07:13 pm
nonenonenoneCentrifuging MethodsCarl Wood12-01-05  11:08 am
nonenonenoneTeaching a young stalling to drop for cleaning before breedingAnonymous11-29-05  06:11 pm
nonenonenonenoneAge of StallionJos11-08-05  09:09 pm
nonenonenonenoneGelding older studsSusannah Hart11-08-05  09:43 am
nonenonenonenoneLow Sperm Count in 2yoRenee11-06-05  06:33 pm
nonenonenonenoneHow Many Times can a 2yo breed??Anonymous09-19-05  08:47 pm
nonenonenoneWhen do testes descend?Deena09-14-05  07:51 am
nonenonenoneNew to Breeding...Advice?Spunkycolt09-09-05  06:13 pm
nonenonenoneOverly aggressive stallionLRidgeway08-29-05  06:47 pm
nonenonenoneWhen to wean coltAG07-20-05  03:06 am
nonenonenoneUpdate on Stallion not breeding grey mares...TX Breeder07-18-05  07:19 pm
nonenonenoneWhen to vaccinate breeding stallionJos06-04-05  11:37 am
nonenonenoneStallion that wont breedTX Breeder05-21-05  10:49 am
nonenonenoneStanding stud for 1st time--mare owner expectations?Laurie12-30-04  06:05 pm
nonenonenoneWould it be okay...Velma Moore11-26-04  01:54 pm
nonenonenonenoneAmorous GeldingAnonymous11-24-04  12:41 pm
nonenonenoneStallion that self harmsponyluvr11-01-04  07:17 pm
nonenonenonenoneWie Weltmeyers frozen semenEagle View Arabians08-21-04  03:14 am
nonenonenonenone2 year old stallion with no sperm???Jos07-30-04  12:03 am
nonenonenoneStallion too well endowed for some mares?Anonymous07-05-04  10:04 pm
nonenonenoneShould I be worried? Jos06-30-04  11:46 pm
nonenonenonenoneGelding question....Anonymous06-02-04  02:00 pm
nonenonenoneMinimum time between each live cover?Cathy05-24-04  12:03 pm
nonenonenonenoneFeeding to Increase Stallion FertilityBRIGITTE05-21-04  09:38 pm
nonenonenonenoneAcceptable Age For Starting Breeding With Coltwendy04-28-04  10:01 pm
nonenonenonenone2 year old stallion not breedingSandy04-27-04  07:31 pm
nonenonenonenoneHerpes in a stallion? Is it genetic?Jos04-25-04  08:47 pm
nonenonenoneStud feeAnonymous04-19-04  05:42 pm
nonenonenonenoneStallion leaking semen after excercisewoodfieldpark04-18-04  01:32 am
nonenonenoneHow to check stallion fertilityMelissa Wise04-12-04  05:22 pm
nonenonenoneRuptured Kidney on a breeding stallionfurbeerules04-03-04  05:46 pm
nonenonenonenoneAll-Breed Stallion Service Raffle to benefit Make-A-Wish FoundationLouisa Amirault03-29-04  04:16 pm
nonenonenoneOne testicle descendedkelly03-16-04  10:02 am
nonenonenonenoneSemen storagelisa03-10-04  04:03 am
nonenonenoneIs death from aneurysm more common in stallions?Anonymous10-01-03  03:18 pm
nonenonenoneSexually Transmitted DiseasesAnonymous08-01-03  03:59 pm
nonenonenoneStallion infertilityLorraine Bailer08-11-02  05:09 pm
nonenonenoneWhat is a good age for breeding a StallionELizabeth Hardy07-19-02  10:40 am
nonenonenoneStallion AnatomyStephen DeJarnatt03-24-01  02:02 am
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