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Pregnant Mare and the Newborn Foal - Volume 2 Bulletin Board » Pregnant Mare and the Newborn Foal - Volume 2  

Welcome to Pregnant Mare and the Newborn Foal - Volume 2 discussion. Once the mare is in foal the question period should be over, right? Wrong! It's only just beginning! Discuss ideas and tips here for management techniques for the pregnant mare, and the new born foal and it's mother.

Be sure to check out Volume 1 as well for a huge amount of discussion on the topic - your subject or question may already have been discussed or answered!

This subject heading is now closed for new topics, which should be posted on the new forum.

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nonenonenoneReliability of blood tests and ultrsoundsHeather18 04-27-12  07:23 pm
nonenonenone2007 foal THEY are yearlings!!! - Part 2Sandy Smith115 09-19-11  10:59 am
nonenonenonenone2009 Pregnant Mare Part 3Randi Taylor135 04-23-09  01:46 pm
nonenonenonenoneEdema Advice NEED PLEASEColleen Beck13 05-05-11  05:38 pm
nonenonenoneJanuary Foaling - What to expect???Sandy Smith11 04-25-11  02:41 pm
nonenonenoneThe cold and foaling???Dorthy Brown02-16-11  04:23 pm
nonenonenoneDonkey photos and???? holly10 02-09-11  03:55 pm
nonenonenonePregnant Mare BlanketedBrittany Hindes02-08-11  02:09 pm
nonenonenonePregnancy and raised temperature?Jos02-06-11  09:23 pm
nonenonenoneMare is getting bag fast! What sex?Stephanie02-03-11  09:33 pm
nonenonenone2011 Waiting ListShelley Housh17 02-03-11  07:16 pm
nonenonenoneWhat is in your foaling kit?Dorthy Brown01-21-11  09:03 am
nonenonenoneFoal exam--what shot??Jos01-20-11  10:56 am
nonenonenoneQuestion About NolvasanBrittany Hindes01-19-11  02:30 pm
nonenonenonenoneCross your fingers for meDiana Gilger17 01-12-11  09:30 am
nonenonenoneFilly eating tails/manesLinda Sterling12-03-10  08:31 pm
nonenonenonenoneHelp pregnant horse I think I see movementkerry mills11-28-10  04:44 pm
nonenonenoneNeed advice- orphan foal and foster mareMary Ayala10-29-10  04:34 pm
nonenonenoneQuestion about Pneumabort shotsDorthy Brown10-22-10  01:29 pm
nonenonenoneAnother is she or isnt she...Diana Gilger09-14-10  07:31 am
nonenonenoneQuestion 5 mo or closer?Brenda Weddle09-12-10  11:32 pm
nonenonenoneUPDATEAngela Barbour09-10-10  09:45 am
nonenonenoneNursing mare with stroke like symptomsAlexandra Shroyer09-08-10  06:19 am
nonenonenoneGloria ~ is she in foal?Holly09-01-10  05:59 pm
nonenonenoneMimo's PregnancyHolly26 08-30-10  08:52 am
nonenonenoneCan I have your OpinionAngela Barbour08-17-10  10:17 pm
nonenonenonenoneMore poop concerns! Lynne 0sgood08-06-10  06:53 pm
nonenonenone2009 Foals!Rusti07-16-10  03:04 am
nonenonenonePregnant mare No udderAmanda Bethune07-12-10  08:17 pm
nonenonenone2007 foals now they are two years old!Pam Romjue13 06-28-10  06:52 pm
nonenonenoneNew colt and question about UC stumpPam Romjue06-28-10  06:47 pm
nonenonenoneNeed advice on weaning a 6-week-old foalHolly18 06-16-10  04:26 pm
nonenonenoneSick Foal, Ideas Needed Pleasesally06-16-10  05:04 am
nonenonenoneUh-O's Preggo ThreadMary Ayala118 06-15-10  03:01 pm
nonenonenoneNever saw this before!Holly13 06-07-10  06:21 pm
nonenonenoneBaby hurt herselfPam Romjue05-25-10  04:36 pm
nonenonenoneBonny @ 6 monthsSusan78 05-19-10  12:17 pm
nonenonenonenoneBreeding Advise for maiden mareJos05-15-10  10:18 pm
nonenonenoneColt Or Filly??? - Part 2Joanne Thronberg191 05-15-10  01:46 pm
nonenonenoneIs it okay to use diluted Nolvasan *scrub* for dipping naval?N. Osterhoudt04-30-10  02:25 pm
nonenonenoneHow cold is too cold for a newborn foalCindy Holland04-28-10  01:40 pm
nonenonenoneHow do I know the foal is getting enough milk?Dorthy Brown04-28-10  01:24 pm
nonenonenoneHow quickly do your mares progress on Chemetrics?Diana Gilger04-25-10  11:08 pm
nonenonenoneHelp! 2 Week Old Filly SickBeth Walker04-24-10  02:35 am
nonenonenoneIgG well above normal, but loose poop!?Dorthy Brown04-14-10  09:13 am
nonenonenoneAdministering oxytocin for retained afterbirthN. Osterhoudt04-13-10  10:44 pm
nonenonenoneHelp!!! I think she might be pregnant! Paige D04-12-10  12:31 pm
nonenonenoneFoaled at Last!Angela D04-11-10  12:17 pm
nonenonenoneNewborn foal supplements?Diana Gilger04-11-10  12:03 pm
nonenonenone2008 FOALS... NOW YEARLINGSKay B. Jones,Nova bo64 04-10-10  01:17 pm
nonenonenoneSpeckles on Teatshedgerow farm04-09-10  12:51 pm
nonenonenoneNew and think my mare is pregnantCindy Snyder19 03-29-10  05:33 pm
nonenonenoneWill a maidens udder get HUGE?/Michelle Z03-23-10  05:59 am
nonenonenoneMucous PlugJos03-14-10  11:20 am
nonenonenoneGetting Closer?Elizabeth03-04-10  11:16 am
nonenonenoneHow close do u think she is?Stephanie35 02-28-10  10:18 pm
nonenonenoneFeeding Post Operative Pregnant MareAngela D14 02-25-10  09:33 am
nonenonenoneFoaling & Blanketed MaresAngela D02-23-10  04:51 pm
nonenonenoneJOS? Colostrum SubstituteDeb Anderson11 02-21-10  05:04 pm
nonenonenonenoneTory's progress 255 daysSusan10 02-21-10  01:27 am
nonenonenoneWatery fluid from teats @ 234 daysAngela D02-18-10  08:34 am
nonenonenoneFoaling in extreme cold...any adviceTerry Waechter P.R.E14 02-14-10  07:55 pm
nonenonenoneShetland PregnancyHolly02-03-10  04:07 pm
nonenonenoneFoal manure color/consistency?Ad TB12 02-02-10  07:08 pm
nonenonenonenoneUmbilical Stump DisinfectionAnn02-02-10  02:14 pm
nonenonenoneFoxy's Pregnancy ThreadJos26 01-28-10  09:21 am
nonenonenonenoneColostrum Banks...teach me...Michelle Z01-28-10  01:50 am
nonenonenone2009 FOAL PICTURESVanessa Pierce137 01-23-10  09:22 pm
nonenonenonenoneSensitivity to touching udder areaSusan01-16-10  11:28 pm
nonenonenoneOkay new pics, does she look..Rebecca Cook23 01-16-10  08:42 am
nonenonenonenoneFeeling the "baby kick"Veronique Dumas01-15-10  05:23 pm
nonenonenoneWho does preg checks in later gestation???Terry Waechter P.R.E10 01-03-10  10:02 pm
nonenonenoneWhat do you think?Holly01-01-10  02:29 pm
nonenonenonenoneSudden, exctremly painful colic in 6mo pregnant mare. Ideas?Holly26 12-12-09  11:05 pm
nonenonenoneFescue toxicity / grazing muzzleRegena B-It's a BOY12-08-09  03:19 pm
nonenonenoneNeonate foal cut pastern - WWYD?Carrie Richards11-18-09  10:34 pm
nonenonenoneNeonate foal droppings - quantity?Diana Gilger11-15-09  02:37 pm
nonenonenonenoneIntroducing myself and my maiden mareVanessa Pierce22 11-09-09  09:20 pm
nonenonenoneNew owner with pregnant mare, HELP!Diana Gilger17 11-09-09  07:51 pm
nonenonenoneStrange case, help needed!Christi Christoffers11-03-09  04:48 pm
nonenonenoneHOW CAN I TELL HOW PREGNANT MY MARE ISnatalie tucker10-24-09  12:19 pm
nonenonenone7-week-old colt is sick againCarol10-23-09  01:53 pm
nonenonenoneHELP Mare and Foal Rescuenatalie tucker10-18-09  11:29 am
nonenonenoneOPINIONS ON SHIPPING PREGO MAREDiana Gilger11 10-12-09  03:56 pm
nonenonenonenoneBreeding plans for 2010 already? Samantha17 09-28-09  05:51 pm
nonenonenoneMilk replacer pellets that foals actually will eat?Holly09-06-09  04:17 pm
nonenonenonePhysitisCarol08-27-09  07:20 pm
nonenonenoneSunk in chest?Jos08-26-09  10:47 am
nonenonenonenoneFaith Choked....Heather Weir12 07-20-09  04:34 pm
nonenonenonenoneWhat is going on???Carol07-13-09  12:23 pm
nonenonenoneSuggestions NeededHolly07-12-09  03:48 pm
nonenonenoneWeaning by the signsTerry Waechter P.R.E16 07-08-09  10:58 pm
nonenonenonenoneClicker Training with a foal...Jan Owen18 07-06-09  10:22 pm
nonenonenonenoneConfused on when to give mare vacinationsCarol07-02-09  10:15 am
nonenonenoneWhat are my rights? Diana Gilger13 06-28-09  01:14 am
nonenonenone2008 FOALS, NOW OUR YEARLINGSKay B. Jones,Nova bo181 06-10-09  10:09 pm
nonenonenoneColt limping, no apparent injury...Jodie70 06-10-09  01:53 pm
nonenonenonePotential red bag Christi Christoffers37 06-07-09  07:29 pm
nonenonenonePregnant mare feed and health risksCarol K06-07-09  03:58 pm
nonenonenoneFigured out how to post pictures... :-) Yay for me! ...Carol K06-07-09  01:14 pm
nonenonenoneEuropa and Colt to hospital last nightJan Owen52 06-02-09  10:36 am
nonenonenoneHernia in coltsSamantha05-27-09  08:01 pm
nonenonenoneMare streaming milk-at 304 daysAd TB10 05-27-09  07:10 pm
nonenonenonenoneDysmature foalCarol Krauss14 05-27-09  04:58 pm
nonenonenoneBest way to haul mare and foal?Carol Krauss05-26-09  07:41 pm
nonenonenoneMaiden mare at 300 days concerned about udder sizeCarol Krauss24 05-26-09  06:06 pm
nonenonenoneFoal eyesight?Mary Greer05-25-09  02:26 am
nonenonenone2006 they are 3!!Kim Peavy17 05-20-09  10:53 am
nonenonenoneCan a mare nurse two foals?Carol Krauss05-19-09  07:51 pm
nonenonenoneSafe Fence for Foal? Jennifer Seaman05-18-09  09:16 am
nonenonenonenoneVery WITCHY and un-catchable mare...grrrr....Diana Gilger19 05-17-09  12:10 pm
nonenonenone1 week old baby. Have some questionsVanessa Pierce05-17-09  09:12 am
nonenonenoneTaking a mare's temperatureJos05-15-09  03:18 am
nonenonenoneOver 370 days?Ad TB05-08-09  08:04 pm
nonenonenoneClear "milk"?Britni Walker05-08-09  01:09 pm
nonenonenoneDoes anyone know what this ring around the eye means?Diane Loveday05-08-09  08:36 am
nonenonenoneAny idea how long?britni walker11 05-05-09  08:52 am
nonenonenoneMare question and foal questionBeth Walker11 05-05-09  02:11 am
nonenonenoneMare due in one week, creamy yellow milk????JENNIFER CASWELL10 05-04-09  03:39 pm
nonenonenoneGestation datesDeb Anderson05-03-09  09:58 pm
nonenonenoneSkin problemsDiane Loveday05-03-09  07:12 pm
nonenonenoneFoal ConformationHeather Weir18 05-02-09  09:41 pm
nonenonenonenone My firstPregnant Mare/her first BabyRandi Taylor23 04-26-09  08:12 pm
nonenonenoneGrain for weanlingBryany Walker04-26-09  07:59 am
nonenonenoneAnything I Can do to Help Baby Shed??Bryany Walker04-25-09  05:40 pm
nonenonenoneSweet itch Bryany Walker04-25-09  05:29 pm
nonenonenoneSilo foaled last night but...bonnie scott11 04-22-09  01:43 am
nonenonenonenoneTia and Missy Beth Walker04-17-09  12:13 am
nonenonenonePlease look and tell me what you thinkDorthy Brown04-16-09  04:53 pm
nonenonenoneBest age to GeldTracy Smith115 04-15-09  09:40 pm
nonenonenoneLonger gestation this year?Dorthy Brown04-15-09  08:19 am
nonenonenoneHelp!! Whose the daddy?Angela Barbour04-13-09  02:16 pm
nonenonenoneWhite dots--like salt crystals on udder?Angela Barbour04-13-09  02:11 pm
nonenonenonenoneTwins!?Kathee McGuire44 04-13-09  11:23 am
nonenonenoneWhat causes it???Diane Loveday04-13-09  08:52 am
nonenonenoneAnd still more questions!DTQH04-12-09  11:47 pm
nonenonenonePhantom?Kit04-12-09  07:17 am
nonenonenoneNew born nursingMabel04-12-09  12:32 am
nonenonenoneFoal rolling??Ad TB04-10-09  04:58 pm
nonenonenoneRed Bag DeliveriesJan Owen04-08-09  12:29 am
nonenonenoneQuestion for Jos. Mare dripping from back of udder not through the ...Jos03-28-09  09:54 pm
nonenonenoneMaiden Mare Not Bagging with DomperidoneJan Owen15 03-21-09  09:52 am
nonenonenonenoneBrocks Growing UpLinda Bauer --Rebel 03-16-09  06:33 pm
nonenonenoneWhat goes in your foaling kit.?Karma Taylor19 03-13-09  01:50 pm
nonenonenonenoneOrphan foal--anything we missed? Jos?Renae Brumley03-12-09  09:52 am
nonenonenoneBaby long?Jan Owen03-05-09  06:34 pm
nonenonenoneHelp with 6 week coltHolly32 03-03-09  01:03 pm
nonenonenonenoneMy New Arabian FillyGabby Schaumberg17 02-26-09  11:01 pm
nonenonenoneStrangles Vaccine Ok In Pregnant Mare? High Note02-23-09  10:02 am
nonenonenonenoneUdder questionLea Guerra02-20-09  11:54 am
nonenonenoneFetal movement questionSusan02-06-09  08:01 pm
nonenonenonenonePregnant mare showing signs of heatDiana Gilger02-05-09  11:04 am
nonenonenonenoneProblems with Calfu behaviour what should I do?Jan H19 02-04-09  02:42 pm
nonenonenoneQUESTIONS ABOUT FEEDING PREG. MINI MARE?michelle loring02-03-09  01:10 pm
nonenonenoneOmega-3: fish oil and pregnant mareMichelle Bee02-01-09  04:15 pm
nonenonenoneJoint care for a late term mare?Michelle Bee01-28-09  01:22 am
nonenonenoneBehind on Pneumabort?Elizabeth Schaeffer01-23-09  01:17 pm
nonenonenone2009 Pregnant Mares - Part 2Angela Barbour179 01-22-09  06:48 pm
nonenonenone IS THIS HORMONAL??????angel humphries01-20-09  10:07 pm
nonenonenonenoneBag... but no milk?Diana Gilger01-19-09  07:21 pm
nonenonenoneRotavirus vaccination - Do you give it?Ruby Halter01-12-09  02:04 pm
nonenonenone9 months bred - Foal movement/Mare pain/discomfort?Sarah Coquat01-12-09  12:16 am
nonenonenone2008 Foal Pics, Questions, Etc. Part 3Kay B. Jones,Nova bo116 01-08-09  09:02 am
nonenonenonenonePoor Prince.. March 27,08 - Dec. 8,08 RIPmary anne higgins10 12-18-08  04:23 pm
nonenonenone5 months pregnant and huge already!Jackie12-13-08  01:29 pm
nonenonenoneBelly dropped- how far out?Thea Vanderwey12-12-08  05:19 pm
nonenonenonenoneFluid in bag ?Angela Barbour10 12-10-08  12:16 pm
nonenonenonenoneInfoal or not Need help for a friendAngela Barbour12-08-08  04:02 pm
nonenonenonePreg QuestionBobbi Govro11 12-05-08  09:25 am
nonenonenoneYoung Maiden Later Gestation Care-BonnyJenni Luttrell71 11-27-08  10:15 am
nonenonenoneMaiden mare - udder questionKit11-26-08  05:40 pm
nonenonenoneHave You ever Noticed?Bobbi Govro11-25-08  09:08 am
nonenonenoneWhen to start changing feed in last trimester????Jos11-20-08  02:44 pm
nonenonenoneWhite spotsKit11-20-08  08:49 am
nonenonenoneMaiden Mare - Milk Vein huge at 305 daysJan Tambellini11-18-08  08:35 pm
nonenonenonenoneREALLY big mini mare!Julie Miller12 10-28-08  03:46 pm
nonenonenone2008 FOAL PICS, QUESTIONS, ETC. - Part 2judy cervantes/cheno122 10-26-08  12:24 pm
nonenonenoneDay 382? Missy the Mustang and StormyroodKim10-11-08  08:53 pm
nonenonenonenoneDue now or March???Suzanne Paulette10-10-08  07:27 pm
nonenonenonenoneHELP!! Need advice if she is preganat or not????Mary Louise Redmond14 10-06-08  06:54 am
nonenonenoneI've got....Ann Egan106 09-18-08  07:01 pm
nonenonenone2009 Pregnant MaresJos222 09-17-08  10:52 pm
nonenonenone2008 FOAL PICS, QUESTIONS, ETC.Jos222 09-17-08  10:42 pm
nonenonenone2007 foal THEY are yearlings!!!Jos298 09-17-08  10:38 pm
nonenonenoneFoals first WeekJos233 09-17-08  10:32 pm
nonenonenoneFoals first Week - Part 2Jos09-17-08  10:30 pm
nonenonenoneSnake/Spider biten pregnant mare. Help?Phyllis Schroder09-15-08  11:35 am
nonenonenonePregnant Mare With Strange IssuesBobbi Govro09-10-08  05:03 pm
nonenonenoneDeterming sex of foal using Ultrasound..... any successes?Dorthy Brown09-08-08  01:45 pm
nonenonenoneTest StripsDiana Gilger09-01-08  10:52 pm
nonenonenoneBest time to scanAG08-29-08  11:33 am
nonenonenoneNeed a picture for comparisoncharlene birdsall, J08-15-08  01:22 pm
nonenonenonenoneNeed to VentAngela Barbour23 08-14-08  01:12 pm
nonenonenonenoneQuestionsAngela Barbour08-09-08  09:26 pm
nonenonenonenoneMaybe, just maybe is there a glimmer of hope?... Maybe not...Samantha11 08-06-08  05:49 am
nonenonenoneOh my lord, is she pregnant?!Annie13 07-30-08  05:02 pm
nonenonenoneNames for my monsterPhyllis Schroder07-17-08  11:15 pm
nonenonenone2006 foals,.... now 2 year olds!Kris Moos65 07-08-08  05:56 pm
nonenonenonenoneUnexplainable injury to new colt corina gabel07-07-08  09:53 pm
nonenonenoneFrusterated, Mare at 390 days and not progressing... Fescue??Cathy10 06-27-08  08:50 pm
nonenonenone120-135 days pregnantBonny23 06-25-08  09:50 am
nonenonenonenoneCan a pregnancy be missed at 29 days?Samantha06-25-08  01:10 am
nonenonenoneNot sure - 3wk foal with high respiration rate?Marilyn Lemke - Dora14 06-23-08  11:13 am
nonenonenoneNursing mare with swollen ankle - is bute OK?David Guy06-20-08  03:17 pm
nonenonenoneHow long will this go on ???Cheyenne Queen06-19-08  07:05 pm
nonenonenonenonePreggo mare, unknow breed dateJackie06-19-08  04:04 pm
nonenonenonenoneNew auction mare Pregnate????Bonny10 06-19-08  03:34 pm
nonenonenonenoneI'm already worrying about where to foal problem mare out...Anney Daugherty06-19-08  09:50 am
nonenonenoneFoal BlanketLinda Bauer --Rita f12 06-17-08  09:23 am
nonenonenoneCheck out these udders lolMarilyn Lemke - Dora16 06-16-08  07:13 pm
nonenonenone2 month old colt has snotty noseDebbie Burnett06-14-08  09:38 pm
nonenonenoneFoal not so energeticjudy cervantes/cheno16 06-13-08  02:47 pm
nonenonenoneGastric Ulcers and diarrehea in 7 Week Old Coltjudy cervantes/cheno10 06-12-08  11:47 pm
nonenonenoneHelloNewbie with Questions, Mare due 21 June 2008Diana Gilger06-12-08  07:45 pm
nonenonenoneOpinions PLEASE on handling new foalKay B. Jones,Nova bo40 06-10-08  03:42 pm
nonenonenoneRescue marecorina gabel06-10-08  01:18 pm
nonenonenoneQuestion about Lethargic foal..Amy Harryman12 06-02-08  10:37 pm
nonenonenoneIs she READY yet?!?!Annie05-31-08  09:48 pm
nonenonenoneBaby possibly earlycorina gabel05-31-08  01:46 am
nonenonenoneFoal 6 days old abnormal scours/diarrhea color?Jos11 05-31-08  12:21 am
nonenonenoneFoal Not Very LivelyOsprey05-28-08  04:58 pm
nonenonenoneJoint infection in 2 week old foalPaul Liberty12 05-27-08  04:25 pm
nonenonenoneThe mare we got for the Friesian Breeding....Jan Owen05-27-08  12:43 pm
nonenonenonenoneHelp-Advice needed for possible broken femurMary Ann -Due Sunny 16 05-25-08  10:06 pm
nonenonenonenoneBagging up...too early?Tracy Smith, Tali du34 05-25-08  02:12 pm
nonenonenoneHeight?Saleste Clark05-23-08  11:35 am
nonenonenoneDomperidone and leaking milkJos19 05-22-08  11:52 pm
nonenonenoneSeptic FoalsJos05-22-08  11:40 am
nonenonenonenoneNeed Help - Suggestions - Therapy???Jan Owen05-22-08  11:19 am
nonenonenone2008 Pregnant Mare PicsErica, loves Sandy!28 05-21-08  05:49 pm
nonenonenonenone3 wk foal off milk, dopey, what did I do wrong? HelpJos05-18-08  10:31 pm
nonenonenonenoneBlind mareHeather Cooke05-18-08  07:03 pm
nonenonenoneFirst time for me, not for herBonny23 05-16-08  10:21 am
nonenonenoneMare With June Foaling Date Possible Infection?Bobbi Govro05-12-08  07:02 pm
nonenonenonenone4 day-old colt with a clear runny noseRegena B-It's a BOY05-11-08  01:24 am
nonenonenoneAnyone want to predict gender!?wanda14 04-29-08  07:57 am
nonenonenoneThe nail testJan Owen04-28-08  05:53 pm
nonenonenoneIs this bagging up - PicsHeather Cooke20 04-27-08  10:05 pm
nonenonenonePonying foalNewsomehand24 04-25-08  10:08 pm
nonenonenonenoneRejection of FoalTim Popovitz11 04-24-08  07:14 pm
nonenonenoneHelp! Moms udders soreDonna Daily04-20-08  10:48 pm
nonenonenoneWierd Mare-Jos, help?Jos04-20-08  10:21 am
nonenonenoneCrazy Horsemom with foal fever seeks advise!Laurie A Beltran19 04-18-08  02:59 pm
nonenonenoneEdema and reducing udderjennifer adamy04-17-08  11:41 am
nonenonenoneMore great information sitesTawnya Reber04-15-08  01:52 am
nonenonenonePregnant mare pix 2008 - ContinuedKim Peavy/ Sweetie 704-13-08  09:12 pm
nonenonenoneHow much to handle new foalSara S04-13-08  01:27 pm
nonenonenoneDischarge after foaling?Kay B. Jones,Nova bo04-12-08  07:57 pm
nonenonenonenoneSeriously stressed out!!!Emily S04-11-08  10:06 pm
nonenonenonenoneCan't find wheat straw!!!Catherine Owen04-11-08  11:52 am
nonenonenoneNew foal and grain question?Michelle04-09-08  04:57 pm
nonenonenoneUltlrasound pics!Jackie04-08-08  10:32 pm
nonenonenonenoneI need encouragementTracy Smith, Tali du21 04-07-08  02:32 pm
nonenonenoneEdema ?Michelle Richardson04-05-08  11:31 am
nonenonenone1st time mom w/ inverted nipplesDianne Edwards03-31-08  08:37 am
nonenonenoneMajor additude problemsSara white12 03-27-08  04:26 pm
nonenonenonenoneNaming helpLinda Bauer --Rita d03-25-08  09:44 am
nonenonenonePregnant mustang - when to give shot?Cathy Cook03-22-08  10:42 pm
nonenonenoneFollicular Activity in Pregnant MareMelissa Brown03-19-08  03:35 pm
nonenonenoneHuge mareDorthy Brown03-18-08  02:41 pm
nonenonenoneAn update on the mare we got to breed to the Friesian stallion...Kassie Finley Sissy 03-16-08  02:39 pm
nonenonenoneSwelling on Either Side of MidlineMargo Killoran03-15-08  10:20 am
nonenonenoneBagging up question?Dianne Edwards21 03-14-08  09:31 am
nonenonenoneConfusing MareJenni Luttrell12 03-13-08  11:55 am
nonenonenoneWebpage to Compare Your Preggo MaresDebbie Burnett03-11-08  04:26 pm
nonenonenoneEXCITING NEWS!!!!Kassie Finley Sissy 14 03-06-08  09:10 pm
nonenonenoneMoving mare to Solo paddock, when ?Jo Angela Stirewalt13 03-06-08  09:40 am
nonenonenonePalapting a mareErica, Sandy, about 03-02-08  11:42 am
nonenonenoneRH factor in Mares - JOS??Tim Popovitz02-29-08  10:24 pm
nonenonenonenoneFunny Foaling StoriesColleen Beck42 02-28-08  11:12 am
nonenonenone'08 Pregnant mare picsErica, Sandy, about 471 02-27-08  05:08 pm
nonenonenoneWhat do we all want?Kathy due 2/26/0833 02-25-08  07:51 pm
nonenonenonenoneHelp Please!! Jenni Luttrell02-22-08  09:26 pm
nonenonenonenoneAdvice on where to foal pleaseEmma Newby11 02-22-08  05:40 am
nonenonenoneCleaning mares uddersErica, Sandy, about 02-20-08  11:29 pm
nonenonenoneMare showing labor signs vs. colic signsTracy Smith, Tali du02-19-08  03:59 pm
nonenonenonePregnant Mares for 2008 - Part 2Emily West, Gracie D260 02-13-08  11:38 am
nonenonenoneMare foaling on Mare star now.....Rebecca Kate Smith, 02-08-08  11:14 pm
nonenonenoneI FINALLY found a black mare for the Friesian breeding......Erica, Sandy, about 02-05-08  08:15 pm
nonenonenoneI DID IT!!! I leased a mare to breed to the Friesian stallion.....Jenni Luttrell36 01-30-08  05:53 pm
nonenonenoneFoal Alert , how dependable ?Jan Owen01-29-08  12:11 pm
nonenonenonenoneStrange Question - sort of graphicMarilyn Lemke - Dora01-24-08  08:54 am
nonenonenonenoneFelt a kick today - how long to go???!!! Tracy Smith, Tali du01-22-08  12:27 pm
nonenonenonenonePlease help me stop stressing outTracy Smith, Tali du01-22-08  12:18 pm
nonenonenoneBlood crusts around vulvaJan H01-19-08  01:00 pm
nonenonenoneHave a question.....anyone ever done a breeding lease on a mare?Suzanne Paulette01-18-08  10:55 pm
nonenonenonenoneGrowing bellies!!!!!!!!Gina McMahon57 01-18-08  11:04 am
nonenonenonenoneShot QuestionDorthy Brown01-14-08  02:34 pm
nonenonenonenoneTwo QuestionsJenni Luttrell01-11-08  07:48 pm
nonenonenonePregnant Mares for 2008Jos350 01-11-08  04:51 pm
nonenonenoneOT but, an updated on the gelding we rescued 5 weeks ago....Kassie Finley11 01-10-08  07:20 pm
nonenonenone2007 Foal pictures, questions, etc. Part 3Jan H429 01-08-08  03:53 pm
nonenonenone2006 foal yearlings!Jenni Luttrell252 01-01-08  04:50 pm
nonenonenoneHow your mare deals with pregnancyTerry Waechter 5 mar12-30-07  07:17 pm
nonenonenoneOh how they grow.....Terry Waechter 5 mar12-21-07  11:42 am
nonenonenonenoneIs this normal??Debbie Behling12-16-07  12:03 pm
nonenonenoneFoal kickingMarilyn Lemke - Dora22 12-16-07  08:54 am
nonenonenone6 MONTHS PREGNANTJan Owen148 12-13-07  04:05 pm
nonenonenoneCould this be a problem?JENNY BADER13 12-10-07  08:46 pm
nonenonenoneVulva discharge normal?JENNY BADER12-07-07  10:31 am
nonenonenoneCan a mare have too big of a foal? Attn: JOSJos12-03-07  03:03 pm
nonenonenoneStrange behavior in possibly pregnant mareJos11-06-07  11:35 pm
nonenonenoneWhen does a mare start to "show"?Saleste Clark11-04-07  01:48 pm
nonenonenoneHerbs for the pregnant mareMichele16 11-02-07  01:21 pm
nonenonenonePregnant MareMolly M.10-24-07  05:39 pm
nonenonenonenoneMare cramping during weaning??Kim Peavy10-16-07  09:48 am
nonenonenoneWhat weaning method do you prefer?Terry Waechter102 10-15-07  11:29 pm
nonenonenoneFetus Near Cervix -- Any Experience?Marilyn Lemke14 10-14-07  09:41 am
nonenonenoneVote for Lilly on Equusite on 10/9/07Hannah MacDonald10 10-12-07  03:38 pm
nonenonenone16% foal grain, questionTracy Smith10-10-07  10:12 pm
nonenonenoneThyroid testMarilyn Lemke09-26-07  06:36 pm
nonenonenoneQUICK QUESTIONKay B. Jones16 09-26-07  03:42 pm
nonenonenone2 month Old FillyJan Owen32 09-21-07  10:24 pm
nonenonenoneFly spray and vaccinating preg mareMarilyn Lemke31 09-20-07  02:10 pm
nonenonenonenoneMare waxing at 157 days?Emily09-09-07  01:10 pm
nonenonenonenoneHoping she is pregnant now.Tawnya Reber16 09-05-07  11:03 pm
nonenonenoneGreat pregnancy pageJos09-04-07  12:36 pm
nonenonenone84 Day Preg. MareJos09-02-07  11:09 am
nonenonenoneAllergy meds drying out mare?Molly M.09-02-07  08:28 am
nonenonenone2007 Foal pictures,questions,etc. Part 2Tawnya Reber130 08-27-07  11:59 pm
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nonenonenonenoneHelp, Jos, Anybody, Input PleaseJos08-24-07  11:15 am
nonenonenonenoneAnother update on Lilly***Dorthy Brown21 08-23-07  07:45 am
nonenonenone**Last update on Lilly-she is HOME***Jenni Luttrell08-18-07  10:07 pm
nonenonenonenoneFescue, What to do?Me14 08-16-07  05:00 pm
nonenonenonenoneDont Know Whats Going On melanie11 08-16-07  12:15 pm
nonenonenoneUmbilical herniaDorthy Brown10 08-15-07  07:41 am
nonenonenoneUpdate on fillyE Watkins08-14-07  04:28 pm
nonenonenonenoneName GameJenni Luttrell42 08-14-07  03:10 pm
nonenonenoneFeeding suggestions......Jenni Luttrell08-14-07  11:57 am
nonenonenoneNEED ADVICE EMERGENCY SICK FOALTina Todd39 08-12-07  12:05 am
nonenonenonenoneFoal too fat?Dorthy Brown08-10-07  01:35 pm
nonenonenoneWell........ SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!!Lori aka " Raven"49 08-09-07  05:54 am
nonenonenonenoneNeed question about prego mare answered.....Colleen G08-08-07  07:34 pm
nonenonenonenoneEarly pregnancy and squirting?Hannah MacDonald08-05-07  06:03 pm
nonenonenoneTerrible 2's?Jan Owen13 07-26-07  12:11 pm
nonenonenonenoneStud colts and studly behaviorBeth Walker07-21-07  10:58 am
nonenonenoneNew Baby........Finally Here !Pita07-19-07  12:11 pm
nonenonenone2 Q: Orphan and HerniaAngela07-12-07  08:20 am
nonenonenoneMy new girlAimee Sutherland07-11-07  08:41 pm
nonenonenonenonePregnant mareShelley Graham10 07-11-07  01:27 pm
nonenonenoneNew Colt!! 07-07-07Aimee Sutherland10 07-09-07  06:25 pm
nonenonenoneNew Filly! 7/1/07Hannah Mills07-09-07  03:42 am
nonenonenoneWhen where? How longVette-me@swbell.net07-07-07  06:29 pm
nonenonenoneRope halters and foalsJennifer Cook07-06-07  09:14 am
nonenonenoneFender had his first bath today....(pics)Lynn Ison07-05-07  05:50 pm
nonenonenonenoneKEEPING HEALTH RECORD ON YOUR NEW FOALHeather Cooke07-05-07  04:41 pm
nonenonenonenoneWhat color will the foal be?melissa l07-05-07  11:12 am
nonenonenoneScolding your foal...Julie D61 07-02-07  05:05 pm
nonenonenonenoneFertility danceJan Owen07-02-07  12:21 pm
nonenonenoneMaggie - getting closer to foaling?Aimee Sutherland07-01-07  03:31 am
nonenonenoneUmbilical HerniaHeather Kutyba10 06-30-07  01:44 am
nonenonenoneAt home pregnancy test?Jackie06-26-07  10:03 am
nonenonenoneStrange color?Catherine06-25-07  02:05 pm
nonenonenoneAnother question ... Kat06-25-07  12:28 pm
nonenonenoneSHE FINALLY FOALEDE Watkins25 06-15-07  02:48 pm
nonenonenoneFINALLY Skylar had a filly at 433 days!E Watkins06-14-07  04:12 pm
nonenonenoneFeeding momnoahsark06-08-07  10:07 pm
nonenonenoneHow much longer.......Sandy Smith06-07-07  04:08 pm
nonenonenonenoneNeed Help w/ pregnant mares !! ???burkett06-07-07  08:31 am
nonenonenonenoneWrap or braid tailDorthy Brown06-07-07  08:03 am
nonenonenoneFeed supplimentscharlene birdsall06-06-07  01:29 pm
nonenonenoneNail test- when will it work?Jackie06-06-07  11:55 am
nonenonenoneFoaling in winter in MI---HELPDorthy Brown54 06-05-07  09:49 am
nonenonenoneOrphan coltCconner11 06-04-07  11:13 am
nonenonenoneIs it normal for milk to come out of foal noseLindros06-03-07  06:53 pm
nonenonenoneFoal fuzzJANE OLNEY06-03-07  05:32 pm
nonenonenoneWhen to start worryingKris Moos43 06-02-07  08:39 pm
nonenonenoneNew pictures of our Orphan colt....Kassie Finley16 06-02-07  07:35 pm
nonenonenoneFinaly got some new pics of Bumper our orphan foal.....Molly M.12 05-31-07  09:40 pm
nonenonenoneWhat or do you feed new bornCindy Mason05-27-07  10:21 pm
nonenonenone2007 Foals - Pictures, Questions, etc. Part 2Cindy Mason139 05-27-07  10:15 pm
nonenonenonenoneColts and their partsMary Ann05-25-07  11:51 pm
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nonenonenoneIs She?Kris Moos05-24-07  09:32 am
nonenonenoneNeed link , Please? Pregnant mare showing sizes of baby.....Dorthy Brown05-23-07  08:53 am
nonenonenonePhantom Pregnancy?Lisa R.15 05-18-07  12:29 pm
nonenonenoneOur mini mare foaled last night. No udder still......Kassie Finley05-16-07  05:15 pm
nonenonenoneFoal That only nurses on one sideHeather Kutyba05-12-07  02:21 am
nonenonenoneA Question about a mini mare.....Kassie Finley05-11-07  11:10 pm
nonenonenoneFoal Program Tonight on RFD-TVJenny P16 05-11-07  02:17 pm
nonenonenoneElectric FencesJANE OLNEY14 05-10-07  09:24 pm
nonenonenonenoneUdder changes! Normal?tracey phipps164 05-10-07  09:09 pm
nonenonenoneHope is swiping grain from mama is this ok at 7 days?Beth Walker05-10-07  03:06 am
nonenonenonenone2007 foals: pictures, questions, etc.Lynn Ison225 05-04-07  11:18 pm
nonenonenoneNosebleed and blood pressure questionJenny P05-01-07  09:42 pm
nonenonenonenoneAnyone ever had a foal survive when in utero with a mummified twin?Stephanie34 05-01-07  11:21 am
nonenonenoneIt is a coltCorrie04-30-07  03:59 pm
nonenonenonenoneLots of discharge 4 days after foalingC Carner04-29-07  09:57 pm
nonenonenoneImmunizationsMary Ann04-28-07  09:40 pm
nonenonenoneRebreeding MareJos04-28-07  09:37 pm
nonenonenonenonePregnant MAre? Need som answersGayle Howard10 04-26-07  05:19 pm
nonenonenonenoneYet another "Is She is or isn't She?"Robin Culbertson04-24-07  02:44 pm
nonenonenoneDiarrhea in Two Day Old FoalBritnie Ann16 04-20-07  02:08 pm
nonenonenoneBaby Monty is sick!Heather Kutyba20 04-19-07  04:59 pm
nonenonenoneMare/1 week old filly questionLeia13 04-18-07  05:13 pm
nonenonenoneJerichos on equusite today!E Watkins13 04-18-07  01:07 pm
nonenonenoneUmbilical stumpNancy McGee04-14-07  07:01 pm
nonenonenoneIts a filly! Nancy McGee14 04-14-07  06:50 pm
nonenonenonenoneNot Enough MilkAngela Barbour04-14-07  01:04 pm
nonenonenonenone:-) Vote for Sissy and her filly........E Watkins26 04-09-07  08:35 am
nonenonenoneVote for our little Murphy on EquusiteCyndi04-07-07  04:24 pm
nonenonenonenonePneumobortK Q pleaseJos04-06-07  09:04 pm
nonenonenoneUmbilical cord/belly button questionLori Coleman04-06-07  05:54 pm
nonenonenoneRelation of weather to foaling??TBmares04-05-07  04:44 pm
nonenonenonenonePreg Mare Hair loss??Britnie Ann04-05-07  02:29 pm
nonenonenonenoneIts a fillyAimee Sutherland04-03-07  04:35 pm
nonenonenoneFoal pics to brag and share...part 5!Hannah Mills221 04-03-07  03:22 pm
nonenonenoneWhat do you think?Mood Swings12 03-30-07  07:46 pm
nonenonenonenoneWinnie had a colt!!!Britnie Ann28 03-30-07  11:49 am
nonenonenoneJan you called it........It's a Filly!!!Britnie Ann21 03-29-07  10:29 pm
nonenonenoneNew Colt Leia99 03-23-07  05:12 am
nonenonenoneStubborn Colt!Jenni Luttrell22 03-18-07  09:25 pm
nonenonenoneEquine ColostrometerLisa R.03-13-07  01:51 pm
nonenonenoneIts a Colt Jan H20 03-10-07  07:57 pm
nonenonenoneNail Test?Jackie13 03-09-07  08:34 pm
nonenonenonenoneGetting worrieddestiny berwick03-05-07  05:34 pm
nonenonenoneIts a FillyJan H03-05-07  08:22 am
nonenonenonenoneShould I start foal watch?Angela Barbour03-04-07  09:58 pm
nonenonenoneFoal DiarrheaTeena Bain03-03-07  10:04 pm
nonenonenonePostpartum mare and no bowel movement?Teena Bain03-03-07  09:57 pm
nonenonenonePregnancy test?cathy Cook02-28-07  10:12 pm
nonenonenoneWhen will a pregnant mare start to "show" her pregnancy?Jackie02-28-07  07:37 am
nonenonenoneWhat does a normal prefoaling udder feel like?Tiffany Wright02-27-07  12:29 pm
nonenonenonePneumabort shotsColleen Beck02-26-07  11:36 pm
nonenonenoneEpiphysitisHeather Kutyba13 02-26-07  09:47 pm
nonenonenonenoneI have a question to Melissa Nyitray02-20-07  11:10 pm
nonenonenonenoneConcerned about big belly Pamela Sutherland02-20-07  07:50 am
nonenonenoneQuestionJan H02-18-07  11:57 pm
nonenonenoneFoal pics to brag and share...part 4!Jan H268 02-17-07  11:51 pm
nonenonenonenoneColt Or Filly???Angela Barbour244 02-17-07  05:48 am
nonenonenonenoneFoal eating mare's droppings - term?Michele02-16-07  01:54 pm
nonenonenonenoneFoal SingerMolly M.02-15-07  12:32 pm
nonenonenonenoneI have a QuestionAngela Barbour02-13-07  07:51 pm
nonenonenoneDoes she look 8 months?Sandy Smith02-13-07  07:49 am
nonenonenoneNewborn foal igg test questionHeather Kutyba02-10-07  12:04 am
nonenonenoneWondering about salt specks on udderShelley Graham02-08-07  10:19 am
nonenonenoneUterine torsionTerri Berwanger01-26-07  01:58 pm
nonenonenonenoneMare maybe trying to abort??????Jan H01-26-07  12:59 pm
nonenonenoneIs it normal for other horses to get protective of mom to be in las...Jenny P01-24-07  07:35 pm
nonenonenoneFoal diarrheaMichele01-24-07  01:29 pm
nonenonenoneIS IT SAFE FOR A 5+ PREG MARE TO NURSE A 6 MONTH FOAL?Kris Moos12 01-12-07  05:20 pm
nonenonenonePregnant mareHeather01-11-07  12:06 am
nonenonenonenoneHow early is too earlyMichelle Lyons11 01-10-07  10:51 pm
nonenonenonenoneCan some one help me read this ultrasounds Angela Barbour01-06-07  12:56 pm
nonenonenoneHow far along do you think she is......Amanda Gilbert01-03-07  07:31 am
nonenonenoneProtien level requirements for pregnant mares?Jos12-31-06  01:01 pm
nonenonenoneOur Mini is here!!!!1Catherine12-30-06  08:20 am
nonenonenoneSquare like swelling thats hard on bellyDorthy Brown12-27-06  07:46 am
nonenonenoneFrom tiny baby to ? months!Debbie Burnett60 12-25-06  11:02 am
nonenonenoneFoaling bedding: barley straw or shavings?Debbie Burnett10-04-06  06:32 pm
nonenonenoneWow weaning my molly muleKassie Finley10-07-06  10:34 pm
nonenonenoneMAre eating her own poop?Elena Vieira11-17-06  12:29 pm
nonenonenonenoneHow much are you doing?Elena Vieira10-02-06  02:13 pm
nonenonenoneFoal growth in the womb!JANE OLNEY11 11-08-06  10:21 pm
nonenonenonenoneHow much can u do with pregnant mare?Ruth11-14-06  03:39 pm
nonenonenoneA Chameleon Mare???Kassie Finley10-04-06  02:29 pm
nonenonenoneMoving pregnant mares 600 miles to NevadaKjersti Tackett12-15-06  09:30 pm
nonenonenoneA new additionKassie Finley12-12-06  09:08 pm
nonenonenoneVaccinating pregnant maresJos12-05-06  03:55 pm
nonenonenoneIs she or isn't she???Jennifer11-29-06  02:53 pm
nonenonenonenonePregnant mare ????Heather Kutyba11-26-06  08:09 pm
nonenonenonenone2 new babiesJan H11-24-06  07:57 pm
nonenonenoneRescue filly - pregnancy tests??Jan H14 11-24-06  07:49 pm
nonenonenonenoneMare having problems putting weight back on after BabyDianne Edwards11-23-06  09:18 pm
nonenonenonePregnant mare showing signs of heat???Jackie11-15-06  10:13 am
nonenonenonenoneWeaning and the guilt factor!!Ruth10-28-06  12:33 pm
nonenonenoneFoaling cameras for metal barn- suggestions?Kassie Finley10-18-06  03:31 pm
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