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nonenonenoneGenetic testing interpretation helpLinda05-21-12  09:34 pm
nonenonenonenoneCookin Merada (double registered apha/aqha) crossed with AQHA mare:...Cathy02-16-12  08:42 pm
nonenonenonePassing on white markingsSarah R19 10-10-11  11:11 pm
nonenonenoneIs this what is classed as Sabiano?Sarah R41 10-10-11  06:42 pm
nonenonenonenoneBay Pinto Mare/Strong Blue Roan StallionSarah R10-10-11  06:40 pm
nonenonenoneRed Dun GeneSarah R17 10-10-11  06:22 pm
nonenonenonenoneBuckskin/Grulla Mare - What will the foal be?Sam Sisson28 07-21-11  12:42 pm
nonenonenoneNeed a good book on breeding for specific traitsChris04-26-11  04:09 am
nonenonenoneAre roan and palomino linked?Aoife03-09-11  10:51 am
nonenonenonenoneRose/Roan Grey Oldenburg Foal x 2?Holly02-06-11  10:51 am
nonenonenonenoneWhat colour do you think foal could be....tricky?Tina12-14-10  10:04 pm
nonenonenoneHeritability of feathers, lush mane and tailsDiane Gatlin11 12-13-10  12:15 am
nonenonenoneHaflinger and Black EEB12-07-10  11:01 pm
nonenonenoneIs she a black?Adele Staten11-14-10  09:51 pm
nonenonenoneWhite ring around eyes on no grey horsePam Romjue11-14-10  07:47 pm
nonenonenoneRoach back vs hunters bump- either inherited?Gypsy Cob11-14-10  04:08 am
nonenonenoneColor ChallengeAdele Staten11-09-10  10:16 am
nonenonenoneAny ideas on colors here?Gypsy Cob11-08-10  09:35 pm
nonenonenoneLevi (paint dam and appaloosa sire)Adele Staten11-07-10  10:34 pm
nonenonenoneBlue eyesAdele Staten11-07-10  10:12 pm
nonenonenoneResearch project next semester on parentage verification or dun gene? Jaime White10-18-10  06:15 pm
nonenonenoneWhat color might I expect for a muleBrenda Weddle10-18-10  06:42 am
nonenonenoneIn-breedingGypsy Cob10-17-10  10:22 pm
nonenonenoneCream geneCathy09-16-10  11:44 am
nonenonenoneColour genetic gurus come on back!Andrea Barnes14 08-23-10  10:04 pm
nonenonenoneCremello Sabino questionterry waechter32 08-16-10  01:56 am
nonenonenoneColor Calculator HereCheryl Mondry10 07-26-10  10:16 am
nonenonenoneAny information about the white sclera gene? (appy eye?)Diana Gilger06-03-10  02:16 am
nonenonenoneLethal WhitesWSTRNPLEASUREPAINTS33 06-02-10  09:03 pm
nonenonenoneWHERE ARE ALL YOU COLOR GENETIC GURUS??Diana Gilger11 05-20-10  07:55 am
nonenonenoneCan a pony be born of two horses?Kim Rose11 04-14-10  09:34 pm
nonenonenoneMy Quarter Horse Mare is a Hermaphrodite!Jos01-11-10  04:54 am
nonenonenoneHow tall?Beth Walker12-16-09  02:50 am
nonenonenoneWhorlsAnn10-10-09  12:12 pm
nonenonenoneChances of Paint?Holly09-25-09  02:17 pm
nonenonenoneWhat Color is Whiskey?Holly08-24-09  10:20 pm
nonenonenoneAll white, but a genetic buckskin!!Mary Greer15 08-20-09  08:04 pm
nonenonenoneMagical color changing appy coltBobbi Govro08-20-09  05:23 pm
nonenonenoneWhat color?!?!Darkhorse 257208-01-09  11:07 pm
nonenonenoneTobiano Paint Turning whitebonnie scott07-31-09  01:24 am
nonenonenoneStill confused with color of resulting foalDiana Gilger07-28-09  11:17 am
nonenonenonenoneWhat color will this filly be?Carol07-15-09  09:36 pm
nonenonenoneColor possibilities for '09 foalBaraaks_Storm17 06-25-09  02:37 pm
nonenonenoneWhere do white markings come from?Terry Waechter P.R.E06-24-09  05:11 pm
nonenonenoneBuckskin or Bay?Heather22 05-22-09  04:08 pm
nonenonenoneCurious about the color of my (and my mare's...LOL) first foal...Wendy Adams12 06-07-09  07:51 am
nonenonenoneLethal white genetara39 05-17-09  10:10 pm
nonenonenoneRoan Gene ?Kathee McGuire05-09-09  09:08 pm
nonenonenoneWhat is new reflective "color" found via DNA Kathee McGuire04-20-09  02:03 am
nonenonenonenoneMini app. color questionsBaraaks_Storm04-19-09  10:15 am
nonenonenoneEncantador//very unusual color for a PREAndrea Barnes10 04-17-09  12:33 am
nonenonenoneAnyone heard of a chocolate Palomino?Andrea Barnes21 04-14-09  05:52 pm
nonenonenoneColor QuestionAndrea Barnes03-31-09  05:18 pm
nonenonenoneDetermining sex of foalKathee McGuire03-22-09  12:14 pm
nonenonenoneQuestion for all you color gurus!Lynn Bellus13 03-21-09  01:05 am
nonenonenonenoneHELP! Medicine Hat color questionLynn Bellus03-15-09  09:52 pm
nonenonenoneWhy does my mare have these?Terry Waechter P.R.E03-14-09  12:13 am
nonenonenoneHomozygous Tobiano Perlino Sire, Sorrel Overo mare Andrea Barnes03-04-09  11:42 pm
nonenonenonePalomino from sorrel/bay?Dee Jay12 02-24-09  08:54 am
nonenonenoneAnyone know anything about mule color genetics?Diana Gilger02-12-09  11:49 am
nonenonenoneColour - at what stage of gestation is it determined?Michele01-14-09  10:37 am
nonenonenonenoneSorry, but I am confused and not seeing my exact question.......Delaine Watson11-11-08  09:09 am
nonenonenoneWhat color is he?Terry Waechter lady 10-31-08  09:42 pm
nonenonenonenoneColor Prediction? Gabby Schaumberg16 10-22-08  08:05 pm
nonenonenoneSolid AppaloosasLoretta Grosset10-20-08  04:26 am
nonenonenoneCould my mare have sabino?Beth10-04-08  07:42 pm
nonenonenoneRoan studEmily West, Zita bor12 09-26-08  08:01 pm
nonenonenoneSolid APHA mareBobbi Govro09-23-08  11:56 am
nonenonenoneNew Grey Test!!Jan Owen52 09-20-08  04:55 pm
nonenonenonenoneWhat color is this mare?Angela Barbour09-15-08  12:11 pm
nonenonenoneAPPALOOSA + BUCKSKIN QUESTIONAshley Wick09-12-08  02:58 am
nonenonenonenoneHelp me understand genetics black gene, homozygous??Diana Gilger08-29-08  05:28 pm
nonenonenoneWhat are the odds?Diana Gilger08-24-08  09:49 pm
nonenonenoneAppiesKit08-08-08  03:07 am
nonenonenoneDapple on a bay possiblely?corina gabel08-06-08  10:44 am
nonenonenonenone4 app people- help!Baraaks_Storm07-31-08  03:25 pm
nonenonenoneNew Pictures of Zita and Color Questions/Opinions :-)...Mariko~Jewel foaled 50 07-19-08  01:52 pm
nonenonenoneBreeding to reduce sizeMary Hyduck07-10-08  08:14 am
nonenonenoneGrey Stud Out of Two Non Grey parents (I'm Stumped)Cathy32 07-08-08  09:30 am
nonenonenoneContinued What color?? Grey/Dun mare with Grullo studMary Greer21 07-05-08  02:06 pm
nonenonenonenoneOvero eye color,-colts eyes turned green turned greenMary Hyduck10 07-05-08  12:49 pm
nonenonenoneDunalino or PalominoBeth23 07-01-08  09:33 pm
nonenonenonenoneWill I get a Blanket Spot Foal !!!kayla R06-17-08  01:24 pm
nonenonenoneWhat color will this filly shed out??mariana cremonte30 06-05-08  07:59 am
nonenonenonenoneWhat color and could he be Sabino?Ashley Wick06-04-08  09:49 pm
nonenonenoneAny predictions? Ashley Wick10 06-04-08  09:47 pm
nonenonenoneWhat is this filly?Kathy06-02-08  11:13 pm
nonenonenoneWhat color is my ColtKathy23 06-02-08  10:51 pm
nonenonenoneWhat would this breeding produceDiana Gilger11 05-27-08  01:51 pm
nonenonenoneBlack/white overo stud and mare = completely white foal, Jos??Debbie Burnett57 05-22-08  03:20 pm
nonenonenoneDoes a blue eye indicate that stallion carries the overo gene?Cathy12 05-20-08  06:55 pm
nonenonenoneChanging Color?Ashley Wick05-19-08  10:28 pm
nonenonenoneGrulla filly???Ashley Wick05-19-08  10:25 pm
nonenonenoneGrey sire X Grulla Dam=what colors?Joyce13 05-15-08  08:12 pm
nonenonenoneChestnut and white flecks?Beth05-13-08  10:20 pm
nonenonenoneColor classification?Jackie10 05-12-08  04:20 pm
nonenonenoneWHAT COLOR WILL MY FOAL BE CONTESTHeather Cooke30 05-08-08  09:13 pm
nonenonenoneFoal is black w/ silvery legs-any ideas?lisa pound05-07-08  01:59 pm
nonenonenoneAQHA Colt looks like Overo but not a SabinoPhyllis Schroder40 04-30-08  11:31 pm
nonenonenonenoneJust got a new horse not sure what color he is...Mary Greer04-14-08  11:00 pm
nonenonenoneEye Colour Piccy advive please?Catherine Owen04-14-08  12:52 pm
nonenonenoneHmm, what color?Jackie04-12-08  08:36 pm
nonenonenonenoneColor Prediction tiffanie bennett04-10-08  11:37 am
nonenonenoneWhat color do you think he will be?mariana cremonte19 04-09-08  12:42 pm
nonenonenoneGenetics as it relates to colorEmily West, Gracie D100 04-01-08  09:27 am
nonenonenoneAppaloosa people, registration question..Jane Olney03-31-08  07:59 pm
nonenonenoneStop growing at what age ?Lori Schaich03-29-08  03:24 pm
nonenonenoneAnother color questionbonnie scott03-29-08  10:36 am
nonenonenoneAQHA Mare (Sorrel) x 97% B/W Appaloosa Stud, What Color Foal?Debbie Burnett10 03-25-08  03:27 pm
nonenonenonePredict colt versus filly?Laurie A Beltran10 03-19-08  08:59 am
nonenonenonenoneWhat color?? Grey/Dun mare with Grullo studA.S.03-05-08  05:53 pm
nonenonenoneCRISP3 snp testJos02-27-08  12:58 pm
nonenonenoneDo you watch Marestare?Laurie A Beltran11 02-27-08  08:56 am
nonenonenoneHERDA, HYPP and OLWSBeth26 02-17-08  11:22 pm
nonenonenoneCheaper Lethal White TestColleen Beck02-16-08  01:11 pm
nonenonenonenoneGrey & Flaxen Chestnut = ??Beth02-07-08  01:03 am
nonenonenoneEye ColorColleen Beck11 02-03-08  12:31 pm
nonenonenoneCOLOR CALCULATORAmanda Fletcher12-30-07  07:32 am
nonenonenoneGood Match?Ashley Hansen12-11-07  12:26 pm
nonenonenoneA question of colorJane Olney-Nursemare11 12-11-07  11:27 am
nonenonenoneHERDA GENE (confused)charlene birdsall, B12 12-06-07  06:12 pm
nonenonenoneAppaloosa leopard color question, please?Joyce12-05-07  09:52 am
nonenonenoneBlack Chestnut -- what exactly is this?Tracy Smith, Tali du11-20-07  10:16 pm
nonenonenonenoneI dont know what color and I am impatient! lolashley donahoo10 11-01-07  08:06 pm
nonenonenoneContracted tendonsCathy Cook10-31-07  06:18 am
nonenonenoneQuestion/Help: If I don't get a grey....Beth14 10-23-07  12:44 am
nonenonenonenoneBAD ATTITUDE IS THIS GENTEICBeth10-23-07  12:35 am
nonenonenoneBrown flecks on a black flea bitten mareBeth10-23-07  12:24 am
nonenonenoneFilly color results in from UC Davis....what do they mean???Debbie Burnett12 10-18-07  06:42 pm
nonenonenoneIs it possible that my stallion is homozygous???Saffron18 10-14-07  02:55 pm
nonenonenoneGenes for face and leg markingsAudrey Crosby McLell10-12-07  01:08 pm
nonenonenonenoneColor helpAudrey Crosby McLell10-12-07  01:06 pm
nonenonenoneFoal Color QuestionAudrey Crosby McLell10-12-07  01:03 pm
nonenonenoneHMMMM Wonder What Color/Pattern I will Get??Teresa Byersdorf10-08-07  03:55 pm
nonenonenonenoneFilly color HELP!! I need to register her with AQHA but don't know...Mary Ann15 09-23-07  01:28 pm
nonenonenonePalomino stallion over brown mareBeth09-20-07  10:19 pm
nonenonenoneCOLOR QUESTION PLEASEMichelle13 09-16-07  11:11 am
nonenonenoneAny ideas on colour and size?Beverly09-15-07  03:27 pm
nonenonenoneColor and pattern question...Cathy17 08-23-07  10:09 am
nonenonenoneColor question??Saffron27 08-19-07  01:28 pm
nonenonenonenoneLethal whiteSandy Smith08-16-07  03:18 pm
nonenonenoneGeneticists----Jenni Luttrell08-15-07  04:26 pm
nonenonenonenoneRoaning in appaloosasJenni Luttrell12 08-13-07  11:02 pm
nonenonenoneHomozygous tobianoJoyce11 08-13-07  07:10 pm
nonenonenonenone Is rabicano dominant? Also, is palomino a red base?Kay Baxter08-13-07  03:20 pm
nonenonenoneAppaloosa Stud, Silver Dapple Dam - Foal = ??Kay Baxter08-13-07  03:14 pm
nonenonenoneWhat is "black-Bay"??Teresa Byersdorf11 08-09-07  08:21 pm
nonenonenoneHomozygous and pattern question?Joyce08-07-07  08:47 pm
nonenonenonenoneColor ? Please help!Beverly12 07-31-07  06:23 pm
nonenonenoneAnother colour questionSandy Smith77 07-23-07  08:47 am
nonenonenoneIn breedingSaffron10 07-16-07  01:52 pm
nonenonenoneWill my baby gray???Mila Davidson07-01-07  10:28 am
nonenonenoneColour questionJennifer Cook14 06-27-07  09:37 am
nonenonenoneGenetics, performance, conformation and heritabilityL Detweiler06-25-07  06:30 pm
nonenonenoneConnective tissue disordergina wilcox06-25-07  01:13 pm
nonenonenoneWeird foal color help Mary Ann06-23-07  11:18 pm
nonenonenoneTesting for Gray modifier?E Watkins06-18-07  02:33 pm
nonenonenoneBreeding GP Horses. Lynn13 06-13-07  04:57 am
nonenonenoneColor help???Jackie06-09-07  09:04 pm
nonenonenoneHelp with colourmariana cremonte06-07-07  01:36 pm
nonenonenoneBaby colorMarti Langley19 06-06-07  01:51 pm
nonenonenoneSabino markings on all-white(genetic buckskin)colt(pics)...Emily West06-03-07  10:19 pm
nonenonenoneColour ideas for fillyEmily West11 05-28-07  10:32 pm
nonenonenoneGrey body Black mane?suzanne.jones05-24-07  03:39 am
nonenonenoneCan a solid paint stallion have coloured foals??Heather Kutyba05-23-07  11:11 pm
nonenonenoneWhat color is my colt??JANE OLNEY67 05-18-07  04:19 am
nonenonenoneWhat color would my colt be?Mary Ann11 05-04-07  10:50 am
nonenonenoneChampagne genetics???Beverly05-03-07  05:38 pm
nonenonenoneColor prediction?Cathy14 05-02-07  08:16 pm
nonenonenoneWhat do you think?Leia04-28-07  02:20 am
nonenonenoneTobiano and toveroDebbie Burnett04-22-07  09:21 pm
nonenonenoneBlack smudge on buckskinLeia04-16-07  11:38 am
nonenonenoneAppaloosa color questionDusty Housh28 04-13-07  10:59 pm
nonenonenoneWhat do you consider a "tricolor?"Dianne Edwards12 04-08-07  09:42 am
nonenonenoneGrey geneBritnie Ann13 03-31-07  10:25 am
nonenonenoneBlue eyes in a paint...lindsey teel03-30-07  08:06 pm
nonenonenonenoneQuestion about palomino colour -- Pleas help!jennifer kinser41 03-27-07  02:31 am
nonenonenonenoneFoal color???Jodi Braford19 03-23-07  09:01 am
nonenonenoneCoat patterns in appJANE OLNEY03-13-07  11:27 am
nonenonenonePaint Bred to ArabianAmitola Dreamer03-04-07  12:30 pm
nonenonenoneGenetics of OverosTeena Bain02-20-07  01:59 pm
nonenonenoneWhat color will the foal turn out to be?Dee01-29-07  09:18 pm
nonenonenoneLWO+ BroodmareKirsten Hammer58 01-23-07  02:56 am
nonenonenonenoneColour Calculator "it's fun"Cathy01-10-07  08:14 pm
nonenonenoneWhat colour will I get?????Teena Bain17 01-08-07  07:27 pm
nonenonenoneGenetic Tie to Epiphysitus jennifer12-13-06  03:54 pm
nonenonenonePaint lovers question tobiano or tovero foal?Dona Neargarder21 12-08-06  08:25 pm
nonenonenoneHow big, good size?Jackie12-08-06  10:50 am
nonenonenoneWobblers Syndromejennifer11 12-08-06  10:37 am
nonenonenoneNew Gene found in paintsDona Neargarder12-07-06  12:16 pm
nonenonenonenoneCan BS Paints throw color on solid stallion??Dona Neargarder14 12-07-06  12:04 pm
nonenonenonenoneMinimal Overo X SabinoDona Neargarder12-07-06  11:58 am
nonenonenoneSabino X Sabino ?Jan H12-06-06  03:24 pm
nonenonenoneIs my mare a chestnut or a bay?Emma11 12-05-06  05:26 am
nonenonenonenoneDun mare by a Gray and a chestnut???E Watkins11-17-06  03:26 pm
nonenonenonePredict color?Cathy11-14-06  08:32 pm
nonenonenoneDetermine foal adult size?Faye Gallagher11-14-06  04:23 am
nonenonenoneHomozygous Black Gene?Sheila Westerfield10 11-06-06  12:51 am
nonenonenonenoneNew with PaintsKim k11-05-06  07:10 pm
nonenonenoneGray from Non-Gray Parentsdelia Kramer20 11-05-06  01:35 am
nonenonenoneBuckskin or ????Susan Bradley10-27-06  03:18 pm
nonenonenonenoneWhat are the color may we get??E Watkins23 10-26-06  11:17 am
nonenonenonePalomino or Cremello PalominoTansy Brassfield11 10-13-06  07:12 pm
nonenonenoneGrey mare looks roan breed to a sorrel tobiano stud what colors?CurlyGirl10-10-06  11:28 pm
nonenonenoneBay solid breed to a sorrel tobiano stud what colorsJan H10-05-06  03:15 pm
nonenonenoneNight blindnessAlain le lagadec09-16-06  09:47 am
nonenonenoneWhat color and club foot?Heather Kutyba15 09-09-06  02:59 pm
nonenonenoneGreen eyeCathy Hill09-09-06  12:29 pm
nonenonenoneWhat colour do you think i will get?E Watkins34 08-11-06  11:18 am
nonenonenonenoneColor question Debbie Burnett114 08-03-06  02:12 pm
nonenonenoneAre these pedigrees too close to breed?Robin Culbertson08-03-06  01:18 pm
nonenonenoneBlack+dunalino=?Cathy07-27-06  01:26 am
nonenonenoneGenetic Puzzle: Fertility of Zebra hybridJos07-21-06  02:58 pm
nonenonenoneBlk/Wht paint mare with roaning?Jan H07-17-06  11:44 am
nonenonenoneGenetic difference between buckskin and smokey black?Susan Lea07-12-06  02:08 pm
nonenonenoneColor possiblities?Diane Gatlin26 06-18-06  11:57 am
nonenonenonenoneAraAppaloosa stallion (leopard blanket) x Arabian maresSandy D06-17-06  11:44 pm
nonenonenoneLeopard AppaloosaSandy D06-17-06  11:27 pm
nonenonenoneBay mare and dun studmarcey miller12 06-15-06  01:07 pm
nonenonenoneBlack &White tobiano breed to a palomino and white tobiano what col...Jan Owen06-08-06  02:45 pm
nonenonenoneHomozygous for AgoutiCathy06-06-06  03:35 pm
nonenonenoneBlack and white tobiano breed to a bay breeding stock paintJan Owen40 06-01-06  05:15 pm
nonenonenoneChocolate palomino X black (pics of colt)??Jennifer05-30-06  04:10 pm
nonenonenoneWhat color is the foalGynna Meiller05-28-06  07:36 am
nonenonenoneDun versus buckskinLinda Santini20 05-26-06  12:36 pm
nonenonenoneBay pinto x sorrel studbonnie wonders05-19-06  10:43 pm
nonenonenoneNew the genetics... help appreciated!Susan Lea28 05-18-06  06:59 pm
nonenonenonePalomino x black = ?Jill H05-17-06  02:20 pm
nonenonenoneGreying Foals - Do mane and tail ?melissa10 05-17-06  10:46 am
nonenonenoneMini Bay horse breed mini gray stud what color could we have?Jan Owen13 05-16-06  05:39 pm
nonenonenoneWhat + what can = a buckskin?Cathy42 05-16-06  12:13 am
nonenonenoneRed Dun Or Dunolino Colt?Tansy Brassfield19 05-10-06  02:08 pm
nonenonenonenoneTri-color??Peggie M05-08-06  12:28 pm
nonenonenoneWhich colour??Hannah MacDonald05-02-06  10:49 am
nonenonenoneRose GreyElena Vieira05-02-06  12:02 am
nonenonenoneInheritance of RER in Thoroughbreds.Charlotte04-28-06  09:06 am
nonenonenoneA conformation questionKim Winter04-28-06  08:30 am
nonenonenoneRhinose/Has enyone herd of thisSandy D04-18-06  05:44 pm
nonenonenoneMinimal sabino liver chestnut x B&W tobianoGraciela04-14-06  04:51 pm
nonenonenoneBay x chestnut = dun?Jackie Meffen04-14-06  04:25 pm
nonenonenoneRed Dun + Chocolate Palomino color questionSara B04-11-06  03:10 pm
nonenonenoneImpressive Lines in geneticsKim k32 04-05-06  12:59 pm
nonenonenoneWhat are the chances?E Watkins03-30-06  12:48 pm
nonenonenoneBay Arab Stud with Chestnut Mare, what can I expect?Kim Winter14 03-27-06  02:34 am
nonenonenoneTesting for lw genes, more proof to test allDianne Edwards20 03-25-06  08:59 pm
nonenonenoneBlack and white tobiano mare breed to tobiano stud what color foal?melissa03-24-06  02:51 pm
nonenonenoneHomozygous for the tobiano genemelissa03-24-06  02:10 pm
nonenonenoneDNA question?melissa03-23-06  09:37 pm
nonenonenoneAppaloosa mare what color would she havemelissa18 03-23-06  09:30 pm
nonenonenoneHow do I NOT end up with a CHESTNUT foal?Cathy03-22-06  05:53 pm
nonenonenonenoneDun crossed with donkeyJennifer Myers03-22-06  05:16 pm
nonenonenonenoneSorry, I am equine genetically challenged...Jenn03-22-06  08:23 am
nonenonenoneBuckskin and Palomino bred to.......Cathy03-20-06  06:35 pm
nonenonenoneBreeding for a specific type or breed of horseElise Krueger10 03-19-06  05:05 pm
nonenonenoneX- factor, or, the large heart geneTony Potts11-04-05  09:32 am
nonenonenoneTaffy (Zz) gene.......Sandy08-06-04  12:17 pm
nonenonenoneCow Hocked Stallion..Hereditary???Anonymous02-01-05  05:01 pm
nonenonenoneFoal born with only one eyePat Wiles06-09-05  08:25 pm
nonenonenoneSearch Carthago frozen semenAnonymous01-25-05  08:23 am
nonenonenonenoneSabino QuestionKatherine03-06-06  08:10 pm
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nonenonenoneDoes size pass on genetically???Jan H.13 11-21-05  09:45 pm
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nonenonenoneRabacano Gene informationGynna Meiller11-28-05  04:34 pm
nonenonenoneIs My Stallion A Roan Gene Carrier???Joie09-03-05  02:06 am
nonenonenoneColour possibilitiesToni12-13-05  01:05 pm
nonenonenoneBay and sorrelhorselady44 02-02-05  01:25 pm
nonenonenonenoneBuckskinJoanna16 08-05-04  10:37 pm
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nonenonenoneChampagne and mulesCathy Hill05-09-05  12:32 pm
nonenonenoneSmokey BlackSandy11-30-04  11:57 am
nonenonenoneAppaloosa/ Buckskin crossDorthy B06-23-05  01:40 pm
nonenonenoneCalico overoKelly Mulholland05-13-05  01:16 pm
nonenonenoneTobiano, Overo or ToveroSandy D08-15-05  06:32 pm
nonenonenonenoneHomozygous BlackJenn77 01-21-06  07:05 pm
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nonenonenoneBay Mare, Chestnut Stallion- foal =????BS06-27-05  10:13 am
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nonenonenoneSuch thing as a reverse overo???Kim k11-20-05  06:44 pm
nonenonenoneIn-Breeding??Melissa Wise04-12-04  02:28 am
nonenonenoneBREEDING GINGERS!Sandy D07-11-05  06:50 pm
nonenonenonenoneCrossing horse with miniature donkeySandy04-26-03  11:57 am
nonenonenoneGender determination who does it stallion or mare?Pat Wiles06-09-05  08:14 pm
nonenonenoneGenitic lab testingKim k03-02-06  11:35 pm
nonenonenoneHeredity Value for Cryptorchidism?Jos02-24-06  08:04 pm
nonenonenoneHomozygose determination (new member)Jenn16 02-24-06  05:50 pm
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nonenonenoneGrey sire/bay damSara B02-24-06  02:10 pm
nonenonenoneIs arthritis a dominant gene?Sara B02-24-06  01:48 pm
nonenonenoneMongoloid in foals?Lisa Weir19 02-19-06  10:50 am
nonenonenoneHeres another color question!!!Jenn02-13-06  02:04 pm
nonenonenoneBay/Overo Mare-Black Stud-What color Foal?Renee02-12-06  08:00 pm
nonenonenonenoneHow to Tell Black from Smokey Black?Jenn10 02-12-06  01:49 pm
nonenonenonenonePaint/Pinto to Solid Genetics help please!melissa10 02-05-06  06:13 pm
nonenonenoneFrosted Palomino?Kim Winter02-03-06  12:21 pm
nonenonenoneConformational heredity?Jenn40 02-03-06  11:42 am
nonenonenoneBay or Black?Kassie Finley14 01-26-06  01:59 pm
nonenonenoneBLUE EYES part of dilute creme gene??Cathy01-23-06  07:48 pm
nonenonenoneLocking Stiffles - Genetic?Michelle Laughlin01-19-06  07:43 pm
nonenonenoneFoundation Breed?Jenn01-15-06  11:03 pm
nonenonenonePercentage for cremello or perlinoSandy D16 01-03-06  12:01 am
nonenonenoneBreeding a Palomino to a BuckskinCathy01-01-06  06:52 pm
nonenonenoneColour gurus... your thoughts pleaseGynna Meiller14 12-26-05  07:44 am
nonenonenonenoneIs She a Buckskin??kassie12-20-05  10:27 am
nonenonenoneWHAT COLORDodi12-12-05  03:28 pm
nonenonenoneWhat colour will he shed to?Kim Winter12-12-05  02:02 pm
nonenonenoneBreeding stock paintKim k12-10-05  10:09 pm
nonenonenoneThe 1st ever Classic Champagne APHA TobianoAnonymous12-06-05  04:04 pm
nonenonenoneSabino geneGynna Meiller12-03-05  08:03 am
nonenonenoneChestnut mare bred to grey studKim v.11-04-05  05:38 pm
nonenonenonenoneColor Question please Kelly Lea Adams10-26-05  09:15 pm
nonenonenoneBay and Bay produced a grullo ???Renee10-04-05  07:21 pm
nonenonenoneColour possibilitiesCathy09-28-05  08:56 pm
nonenonenoneBorn Palomino turned sorrell???Anonymous09-02-05  01:06 pm
nonenonenonenoneBlue Roan x BayRenee Clover08-15-05  07:10 pm
nonenonenonePaint vs grey Sandy D07-19-05  04:13 pm
nonenonenoneFailed coloursSandy D06-21-05  11:01 pm
nonenonenoneJaw mis-alignment in foals?Pat Wiles06-09-05  08:18 pm
nonenonenoneWill the foal roan?Kim v.06-07-05  08:21 pm
nonenonenoneHermaphrodite foalsPat Wiles06-03-05  11:46 pm
nonenonenoneGenetic mane hair testing of Canadian horsehorselady01-12-05  02:04 pm
nonenonenoneBreeding & HeightAnonymous11-24-04  12:31 pm
nonenonenonePalomino from a grey -- is it possible?Sandy08-24-04  04:38 pm
nonenonenoneColoured foal from grey mare - will it grey out?Janet George08-13-04  08:42 am
nonenonenoneIs navicular inherited?gallop10-07-03  01:06 am
nonenonenoneSCID/ArabiansDivabenwa05-28-01  07:53 am
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