Breeding Myth-Information

By Jos Mottershead

I often hear breeding-related "theories" that make me chuckle. Included here are some with explanations, and I will be adding to them periodically as I hear more, I am sure!

X-rays kill sperm when shipping transported semen My mare had a reaction to the semen extender "Knocking off" a follicle Old Mares experience menopause Old mares have eggs that are not as good and will produce foals with problems such as bad legs, deformities etc. Mares have a 28 day estrous cycle Having a mare around a stallion will cause a mare to go into estrus My mare can't be bred by AI and must be bred live cover to become pregnant
(or the further extrapolation - "the only way we can get old Bessie pregnant is to turn her out with old Joe in the pasture") Pregnancy rates in the wild are better than those in managed breeding programs In the wild stallions often breed their own daughters, so "inbreeding" is natural Impending foaling can be predicted by evidence of "waxing" on the udder Mares normally have a 340 (or 341) day gestation It is dangerous for a menstruating woman to be in the presence of a stallion

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