Frozen Semen - The why's, wherefore's, pro's and con's

Written and presented at the ApHC 2001 World Show, Fort Worth, Texas by Jos Mottershead

Frozen semen advantages include:
Disadvantages include: The Semen Freezing Process:

Semen is collected from the stallion in the same manner as collection for cooled transported semen use and is evaluated to establish total sperm numbers and motility levels. The semen is mixed with a centrifugation extender, and the majority of the seminal plasma is removed following centrifugation. The resulting sperm pellet is resuspended at a known concentration in a freezing extender, which contains a nutrient medium, cryopreservant and buffer. This mixture of sperm and extender is loaded into straws that are lowered in temperature by being exposed to liquid nitrogen vapour for a set time period. After the completion of that timed period, the straws are plunged into the liquid nitrogen, from which they are subsequently removed and placed in a suitable storage container.

Marketing Semen: Additional points with regards to the stallion: Use of Frozen Semen in the Mare: Regulatory Considerations:

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