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Will my foal gray out?

PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:29 am
by Jimboshippos
Good morning!

My mare gave birth to a beautiful, healthy, energetic filly at 346 days! Shortly before 11 pm 6/27 her shoulders passed and she came out trying to stand before her hind legs passed :D (Y)

Anyhow, her sire is gray, so I know there is a good chance of it, but I'm curious cause I have nothing else to do :lol: she is sorrel/red roan as is her mother. Her muzzle and skin around her eyes was pink at birth. She doesn't have any white eyelashes (yet, I know they could show later) but she does have ticking in her armpits and flanks. This is what has led me to believe she is a roany pony like mom. But I know nothing about predicting a gray foal, so someone, please school me!

Thank you!