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5 mo Pregnant mare- high progesterone levels

PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2016 10:40 am
by SMRanch

I'm just checking to see if someone here may have any other opinion as to what is going on with my mare so I'll just start by going through the situation
1) bred April 7 via AI and at 14 days confirmed pregnant
2)ran blood work to check progesterone levels - came back low -- around 2 ng/ml. vet recommended altrenogest and we did use the injectable. Gave to mare at the beginning on May, June, and July
3) At beginning of August(4 mo pregnant) ran bloodwork again and it came with progesterone at 40+ ng/ml and estrogen was normal. Brought her in for ultrasound and no sign of any discoloration/infection
4) third week in August ran blood again and got same result and we started her on 3 weeks of SMZ - 10 pills in AM and 10 in PM.
5) she is currently 2 weeks in to her 3 weeks of SMZ

Anyways - vet has said that this is very early to be placentitis and there are no signs of it on the ultrasound. I'm just curious if anybody else has some insight or ideas?